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    Everything to know about the old money aesthetic plus our favorite quiet luxury, old money aesthetic jewelry picks to love now and forever!
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    Hand engraved rings with every pattern, symbol, and image you can dream.
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    If you’re a Gem Breakfast gal, you’ve likely seen/heard about our two signature solitaire settings: Bella & Stella - the rings on so many wish lists! Stella came first, and when we introduced Bella, we were asked by so many of you “what’s the difference between them?” So, we’re here today to share: why we love them, what they have in common, how they’re different, all the ways to customize
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    All the tips & tricks to make at-home ring cleaning quick, easy, and super effective.
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    It's time for a little diamond trivia - with practical facts and some seriously fantastical facts that will quench your daily thirst for diamonds from dawn till dusk! 
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    Today’s blog is all about our favorite glittering, gleaming, light-catching gem: diamonds! Specifically, the most popular cut of all: round brilliant cut diamonds. From the top to the tip, we’re explaining every part, portion and proportion that makes a stone either seriously sparkling or drab and dull. Every one of these sections plays a role in a diamond’s cut quality, and ultimately, it’s level of brilliance, fire, and sparkle.
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    This blog is all about the unsung hero, and the single most important factor in determining a diamond’s overall beauty and brilliance: cut. 
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    Q & A with Hiba Husayni, the incredibly talented and endlessly imaginative jewelry designer behind Zahn-Z Fine Jewelry. She's the creator of some of our most-stalked rings and her irresistible ideas just keep coming.
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    To answer all your buying-online questions, we’re chatting certificates, appraisals, and everything jewelry report-related! Keep reading for: What’s a jewelry appraisal and why might you want one? Insurance and appraisals: are they necessary? Appraisals vs certificates/reports Do Gem Breakfast pieces come with appraisals or reports? Appraisals through Gem Breakfast.
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    Everything to know about rose gold allergies including: who might be allergic, symptoms, copper vs nickel allergies, allergies vs irritation, how to test for an allergy, and what to do if you're allergic.
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    Welcome to your definitive guide to diamond inclusions! Whether your heart lies with flawlessly clear, bright white diamonds or heavily included, night sky salt and pepper diamonds, we’re here with all the inclusion tips and truths to help you decide!   
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    The complete guide to jewelry and engagement ring care! We are dispelling some popular myths, and sharing our top tips for keeping your rings looking as drop dead gorgeous as the day you bought them.
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