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    Raise a glass to our NEW Champagne Diamonds Collection - a treasury of one-of-a-kind champagne diamond rings from the perfect honey-hued statement band to a royal-worthy diamond crown.
    • 1 min read
    Meet Kelty Pelechytik - the artist behind the portait cut diamonds rings we can't keep in stock and that Scalloped Gold Statement Band that's turned so many heads. 
    • 6 min read
    What mine to market sourcing means, why it matters, plus the supply chain of an average gemstone.
    • 8 min read
    As a woman-owned business, Gem Breakfast understands that ring size can change post pregnancy. We believe women should never feel uncomfortable wearing something as important as their engagement ring or wedding band That’s why, if your ring size has permanently changed post pregnancy, we are happy to resize any ring purchased from Gem Breakfast for free.
    • 1 min read
    Gaspworthy gifts for the jewelry lover in your life - our favorite stacking bands, diamonds rings, and sapphire things.
    • 3 min read
    We believe wholeheartedly in buying your own jewels - to celebrate a milestone, symbolize a meaningful moment, or just because you love it!
    • 6 min read
    Our tips and tricks to find a matching wedding band for your engagement ring
    • 3 min read
    Meet Meg Lizabet - an incredibly talented and prolific Canadian Jewelry Designer whose rings sell out in record time. You'd know her by her juicy, jewel-toned sapphire stunners, marquise rings like you've never seen, and that unreal Moyo Pop-Up ring with the most ornate booty. 
    • 8 min read
    How to convert carat to mm and find the true size of every shape of diamond: round brilliant, emerald, princess cut, marquise, asscher, pear, cushion cut, radiant, heart shaped.
    • 4 min read
    Take a step into our whimsical universe for a Q & A with our Creative Director, Sophie, and Photographer, Karla on the making of our latest fanciful photoshoot.
    • 6 min read
    For this Moyo Magic design challenge, we tasked seven insanely talented indie jewelry designers to create epic, one-of-a-kind rings to showcase their hand-picked Moyo sapphire.
    • 20 min read
    Next up in our Meet The Maker series is Yuliya Chorna, an award-winning Canadian Jewelry Designer who celebrates the alternative, showcases the unique, and creates pieces you've truly never seen before.
    • 5 min read