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    Portrait cut diamonds are ultra-thin diamonds that resemble a perfectly clear pane of glass. With a completely open table and faceting only on the outer edges of the diamond, portrait cuts are made to to be totally transparent with light-catching sparkle along the edges.
    • 4 min read
    Everyone's new favorite modern minimalist setting, bezel set engagement rings are having a major moment, but the truth is, bezel settings have been around forever. Effortlessly chic and very much the clean girl aesthetic, bezel settings were the first kind of gemstone setting ever used. They're the just-right marriage of antique and modern. 
    • 7 min read
    Courting a cluster ring or asymmetrical engagement ring? We are here to answer your diamond-fueled prayers with all the cluster engagement rings and just-because diamond cluster rings to awaken your assymetrical ring dreams! 
    • 5 min read
    Whether you're browsing for a toi et moi engagement ring or a treat-yourself, just-because-you-deserve-it ring, keep reading for all you need to know plus a few of our favorite toi et moi rings!
    • 5 min read
    Peruse color grade charts, learn about every color on the GIA scale and learn pro-tips to pick the perfect diamond color grade for you.
    • 6 min read
    30 unique and Elegant wedding bands and stacking rings in every style and design you can dream of in your wedding band stack.
    • 5 min read
    In this blog, we cover everything to know about ethically sourced gemstones.
    • 9 min read
    Take our engagement ring quiz to find out your personal perfect engagement ring style.
    • 3 min read
    Heated vs Unheated Sapphire! Know the difference between unheated and heated sapphires, reasons to love heat a heated sapphires and an unheated sapphire, and things to consider when buying either type of sapphire.
    • 5 min read
    We get this question a lot: which one is better – white gold or platinum? And truthfully, there’s no one-and-done answer! It all depends on what’s important to you – color, purity, finish, price, durability, or long-term care. Keep reading for our help-you-decide guide!
    • 7 min read
    What are Champagne Diamonds? Everybody knows we love the unconventional, the unusual, and the avant-garde, so naturally we’re on board with the ever-effervescent champagne diamond. Maybe you’ve heard of champagne diamonds, maybe not, but today we’re here to raise a glass to these under-hyped but incredibly gorgeous golden-hued champagne diamonds. 
    • 8 min read
    Rose cut diamonds were made popular in the Georgian Era (the 1700s), Rose cut diamonds have remerged as an ethereal, antique-inspired alternative to more traditional diamond cuts. How to spot rose cut diamonds? Rose Cut diamonds have a domed top and a flat base and much like the sprawling petals of a fully bloomed rose, the peaked top is covered in distinctive triangle facets.
    • 6 min read