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    Our belief is that fine jewelry should be fun, approachable, and a joyful expression of your personal style.

    At Gem Breakfast, you’ll discover a dazzling and unique selection of jewelry created by independent designers, from elegant, everyday staples to show-stopping special-occasion pieces. If you’re craving something specific, we can work with you to create a custom piece.

    Our designers are the freshest talent in the jewelry industry. They pour their hearts and souls into every hand-crafted piece. (Mass production is not on the menu.) Every piece we sell is hand-picked for the shop by our founder, Catherine, who is a GIA graduate. Every item meets our rigorous standards. We don't let anything slip through the cracks.

    Our custom jewelry is a cut above. Catherine and the Gem Breakfast team are involved in the entire process, and we pride ourselves on sourcing exceptional stones, working with the best craftsmen and women, and creating bespoke jewels that are heirloom quality. They’re designed to be special pieces for life.To learn about our custom process, please contact us at

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    Everyone and anyone is welcome at our table.

    Our customers live all over the world, and we love hearing their stories. They are single, engaged, married, divorced; some are jewelry addicts, and some are shopping for a fine jewelry piece for the first time; some are looking to celebrate a milestone, and some are simply celebrating themselves.

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    The Gem Breakfast is headquartered downtown San Francisco and we offer online consultations.(Either way, you’ll need to make an appointment.)

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    We make shopping online for fine jewelry easy, transparent, and trustworthy. If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to chat jewels, don't hesitate to reach out below.

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    Interested in connecting, collaborating, or just talking jewelry? Say hi!

    Reach out below or email We are available Monday - Friday from the hours of 9AM to 5PM PST.