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    Personalize Your Design With These Hand Engraved Ring Ideas

    Our favorite way to create a truly one-of-a-kind, personalized ring design? Custom engraved rings! We work with an incredibly talented local artisan in San Francisco who artfully hand-engraves any symbol, pattern, message, or image you can imagine to personalize your ring and make it truly yours. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite hand engraved rings we've made to date!

    personalized hand engraved rings

    Cosmic Engraving

    Our most requested engraved rings (and what we're most well-known for), are of course, our cosmic star and constellation creations. Peruse just a few ideas below and know that there's an endless amount of celestial engraving ideas available in the infinite, star-filled universe.

    green sapphire band with star and constellation engraving

    Night Sky Dream

    Let's immortalize the positions of the stars when your amor was born or your astrological constellation, or even just a perfectly random collection of constellations.

    purple oval cut opalescent sapphire ring with cosmic engraving

    Stars & Comets

    Shooting stars and comets cascade over both the basket and band of this incredibly detailed celestial engraved ring. Wear the sky on your finger.

    Gold band with star inset diamonds

    Diamonds In The Sky

    Hand-engraved stars of every size and brightness - from faraway speckles to light golden etchings to deliciously diamond embedded. It's written in the stars.

    Nature Engraving

    Flowers, trees, mountains, and streams, there's no end to what nature can dream.

    gold band with mountain and tree engraving

    Into The Wild

    For the nature lover, hand-engraved mountains and towering tall trees - the picture of serenity and peace.

    gold band with intricate flower engraving

    Field of Flowers

    For the #moreismore flower fairy, a magical mosaic of flowers and milgrain to fulfill all your garden fantasies.

    dolphin and ocean engraved gold band

    Dolphins & Diamonds

    Golden dolphins frolicking in the cascading waves under a sparkling diamond moon - paradise found for the ocean loving lass.

    Ornate Linework

    Add a little extra opulence to your design with luxe, hand-engraved linework.

    hand engraved his and hers bands

    Art Deco

    Big and small, hand-engraved art deco bands for you and your amor. Add extravagance at any scale.

    engraved salt and pepper diamond ring with matching wedding band

    Twin Engraving

    Create a sumptous set with ornate engraving on your engagement ring and wedding band alike.

    curved gold band with inset diamonds

    Gilded Curves

    Add even more drama and detail to an already eye-catching curved gold diamond band.

    diamond band with engraving

    Leave no gold unadorned

    For the detail-loving connoisseur, an intricately engraved creation with not a single unadorned inch.

    Engraved gold band

    Flapper Fantasy

    Take us back with this Gatsby-inspired, flapper-vibes band that feels like shimmying to the sax.

    White gold diamond ring with engraving on side

    Elaborately lavish

    No surface is spared in this deliciously lavish, meticulously engraved art deco white gold dream.

    Words With Meaning

    Whether hidden inside or right on top, we love a handwritten message with meaning.

    gold band with word engraved inside

    Message in a Band

    Keep your message close and right against your finger with a hand-engraved word or phase on the inside of the band.

    rose gold band with mothers love engraving

    Loud & Proud

    Wear your message out loud (and see it all day long) with perfectly curvy cursive engraving on the outside of your band.

    gold band with name engraving

    Bae Band

    Our bestselling Bae Band - a meaningful ode to a person, word, or affirmation that deserves to be etched in gold.

    Anything You Can Dream Up

    The limit does not exist for what we can create, and we love dreaming up new ideas we've never done before! Send us a message or book a free virtual consultto chat about what's possible!  

    green sapphire ring with bee engraving

    Just Bee

    We love a surprise symbolic ring booty, and what better omen than the earth-saving humble bee?

    ring with skull engraving

    Pirate's Booty

    Name a more badass ring booty! And it is giving golden treasure booty of the high seas variety ;)

    signet ring with engraved champagne glasses

    Cheers To That

    A signet ring to hold any symbol you can envision. Cheers to one-of-a-kind hand-engraved realness.

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