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    How Do Ring Sizes Work: Easily Figure Out Your Ring Size

    Before you put a ring on it, let’s make sure it fits! Keep reading for your all-in-one guide to ring sizes, including:

    • Ring sizing basics: the numbers, the fit, average sizes
    • How to figure out ring size in secret
    • Easy-to-use printable ring size chart
    • How to measure ring size
    • Common rings myths busted
    • Everything you need to know about resizing rings

    What do ring size numbers mean?

    Ring sizes in the US and Canada range from size 3 to size 15, with half sizes and quarter sizes available all the way up. These numbers are linked with either the diameter or circumference of the inside of the ring’s band. For example, a size 3 has a diameter of 14 mm, while a size 13 has a 22.2 mm diameter.

    The difference between a nail-bitingly loose ring and an uncomfortably snug fit can be as small as 1 mm. Even a ½ size adjustments can be very noticeable in terms of comfort. Keep reading for tips to find your perfect fit!

    how do ring sizes work?

    Standardized ring sizes allow you to easily shop for rings at any jeweler. The most popular woman's ring size is a 6 (16.4 mm diameter) and the most popular men's ring size is a 9 (19 mm diameter). Keep in mind, every finger is a different size and your finger sizes will likely vary between your left and right hand!

    Are ring sizes universal?

    No, ring sizes vary all over the world. Scroll down for our U.S. and Canada ring sizing chart plus our easy-to-use conversion chart to find out your perfect ring size all over the world!

    Do rings come in 1/4 sizes?

    Yes, rings do come in 1/4 sizes. While ring sizers only show 1/2 sizes, all jewelers do make rings in 1/4 sizes (including Gem Breakfast). To assess if you need a 1/4 size, the fit on the sizer should be between the full and half size.

    Do 1/2 and 1/4 sizes really make a difference in fit?

    Yes, for a ring to fit properly and comfortably it absolutely should be fitted to the closest 1/4 size for your finger. This will ensure your ring won't fall off, or be uncomfortably tight. Find your perfect fit with our ring size chart below!

    Ring Size Chart

    International Ring Size Chart

    Most areas of the World measure rings in the same way, however their sizing grades can look a little different. The UK, Australia, and South Africa use an alphabetical sizing system, while other parts of the World like India, Asia, and areas of Europe use numbers (however their values look different from the US system).

    To convert US ring sizes to another country’s size measure (or vice versa), you can use this easy ring size conversion chart.

    Gem Breakfast International Ring Size Converison Chart

    What is the average ring size?

    In the US, the average ladies ring size is a 6, and the average men’s size is about an 8.5. These are usually the display sizes in jewelry showcases. These are the most common ring sizes you will see in the marketplace.

    What does a perfect ring size fit feel like?

    A flawlessly fit ring will slide over the knuckle easily, but still fit snugly enough to stay on (and not spin). You should have to wiggle the ring slightly to get if off. If it slides off too easily you're at risk of losing your ring!

    Of course, everyone’s fingers fluctuate throughout the day (and definitely throughout their lifetime), but a well-fit ring should see you through most regular daily (and seasonal) changes.

    what are some Ring Sizing Myths?

    ARe Both ring fingers are the same size?

    The truth: the fingers on your dominant hand are usually larger than those on your non-dominant hand. So, if she’s right handed, the ring she wears on her right ‘ring finger’ will likely be too big for her true ring finger.

    Is your ring size the same as your shoe size?

    We hear this one surprisingly a lot! The truth: shoe sizes and ring sizes have no connection to each other – any similarities are pure lucky coincidence.

    Are all fingers the same Ring size?

    So often, well-meaning gents bring in one of their lady’s middle finger cocktail rings for engagement ring sizing. The truth: all your fingers vary in size, even between hands!

    Does Your ring size stay the same all throughout your life?

    Our bodies (and fingers) can fluctuate or permanently change as you get older, with pregnancy, and with weight gain/loss. Your ring size may go up or down according to your life situations.

    How to figure out her ring size if she's in on it

    Get your finger sized at a jeweler

    How to measure ring size? The most reliable measurement will come from an in-person visit to a jeweler – they’ll know exactly how a ring should fit and can recommend the perfect size. Most jewelers will size you for free whether you're buying from them or not.

    Tip: do this as your first stop and wait to have lunch until afterwards - your fingers can swell after meals, drinks, or a big session of retail therapy.

    Purchase a ring sizer online

    How do you measure ring size at home? We recommend ordering an adjustable ring sizer online (ours even ships free). You can find out her (or his) size to within a quarter of a size - no venturing to the store necessary.

    How to make this moment fun from Danielle Mainas, The Ring Whisperer:

    “If your partner knows you’re going to be proposing to them at some point, I would just order a ring sizer online. Once it arrives, sit down with a bottle of wine, present them with the ring sizer, and be like ‘just in case, for the future…’. It can be a flirtatious, fun, and exciting moment. Then have her try it on when’s she brushing her teeth the next morning, or right after a shower so you can check her size multiple times as her fingers fluctuate. Have fun with it and make it a little game! She’ll love it, I promise.”  

    How to figure out ring size in secret

    Pick up a flexible tape measure, and measure the inside circumference of the ring in mm. Then you can convert that measurement to her ring size online (or let your jeweler know the mm measurement and they can do the work for you!)

    Ask a friend in her life  

    Many ladies have been Pinterest-ing their engagement ring forever and they 100% know their ring size. And, many women have of course shared this tidbit with all the ladies in their life (I mean, in case their man happens to ask). So, check with her mom, best friends, sister, and if they’re not sure, have them covertly ask in casual conversation or while shopping. Tip: don’t give this job to the worst actor or major gossiper in the group!


    • Pick up a flexible tape measure and measure the inside circumference of her ring (in mm). Then you can convert that measurementto her ring size online (or let us know the mm measurement and we can do the work for you!)
    • Press the ring into a bar of soap and bring it to a jeweler. They can usually tell the size from those markings.
    • If you only have seconds to measure the ring because she almost never takes it off, slip it onto your finger and make a pen mark exactly where it fits you. Then, head to a jeweler and have them size that part of your finger.

    Make a game of it

    Say you heard that the size of her palm divided by three equals her ring finger size. Almost everyone feels the need to test these theories out! This might be a dead giveaway for some, but for those who love some trivia, they might not immediately suspect.

    Send us a picture of their hands

    Show us a picture where we can see her hands, and let us know her shoe size, height, weight, and whether she’s left or right handed, and we can guess her ring size for you!

    Pick a ring that can be resized

    To ease your mind, pick a ring that can be easily resized (most rings can be - confirm this with your jeweler). That way, it’s no big deal if you’re off by a bit. See more on resizing down below!

    Pro-tip: lean towards larger rather than smaller – that proposal will be much sweeter if she can slide the ring on her finger and not have to stop at the knuckle!

    Is it okay to ask your partner for their ring size?

    Absolutely! We are big fans of just asking, it's most important that your partner loves their ring and that it fits properly. So if you need some input to achieve that goal - absolutely ask away!

    Things to keep in mind when sizing your fingers

    Time of Day can affect your ring size

    Our fingers tend to swell overnight, so it’s better to measure in the middle of the day. 

    Dietary Changes can affect your ring size

    Our ring sizes can also fluctuate depending on our food and water intake. If you’ve just eaten a massive amount of salt, your hands can swell up to a half size larger than usual. So, no measuring after an all-night junk food binge!

    To get it perfect: try to measure her finger at room temperature, in the middle of the day, when she’s had a fairly normal day of eating and drinking.

    Band Width can affect the ring size

    Wider bands fit tighter, so if you’re considering a thicker band (5mm and larger), you’ll likely have to go up a quarter or half size for the perfect fit.


    If you plan on stacking to the sky, there's a few things to keep in mind:

    • If you're stacking thinner bands (less than 2 mm wide), you can order your true size and can likely stack up to 3 thin bands without them being too snug.
    • Once you get to about 5mm or more in your total stack, you'll want to go up about half a size on the top rings.

    Climate and Season can affect your ring size

    Since your hands expand in the heat and shrink in the cold, try to measure her (or his) finger at room temperature. Don’t pull out the tape measure right after ice skating, or after a mad dash through an overheated mall!

    Tips for resizing rings

    If you do get the size totally wrong, it’s really not the end of the world! Most jewelers offer free resizing, and the majority of rings can easily be resized (with the exception of eternity bands). What you need to know about resizing:

    Know your jewelers' resizing policy

    Many jewelers offer free resizing. Gem Breakfast is happy to help you resize your ring for a small fee depending on the size change needed.

    How many times can you resize a ring?

    Rings can be resized up to 2-3 times in their lifetime depending on the complexity of the design and gemstone placements. Any more than that can be potentially damaging to the ring – it’s sort of like minor surgery – better to do it once, not again and again.

    The ring you can’t resize: eternity bands

    Most rings can easily be resized if you’re a little bit off. The one exception: eternity bands (rings with diamonds all the way around the band).

    So, if you aren’t totally sure of her size, and want to keep the ring a secret, we recommend skipping this style to be safe.

    How much can you resize a ring?

    Typically, the maximum size adjustments are 2 to 3 sizes up or down. Usually, any more than that will compromise the integrity of the ring. To be safe: avoid splurging on a size 10 ring when her finger is a 6.

    Can a ring be resized both smaller and bigger?

    Absolutely, a skilled jeweller can size a ring up or down fairly easily.

    How do jewellers resize rings?

    To make a ring smaller, a jeweler will cut out a small portion of the band and solder the pieces back together again. To increase a ring’s size, it can either be stretched (if it’s within a half-size) or cut at the back where additional metal is soldered into the gap.

    After the adjustments are made, the ring is cleaned, polished, and restored to its flawless finish. You won’t be able to tell that any alteration was made once it’s done.

    There’s also other options like sizing beads, spring inserts, and sizing bars that can help with ideal ring fit. Your best bet: trust in your jeweler to help you make the best decision for you!

    Fun fact:the custom of wearing engagement rings on the left hand comes from the Egyptians who believed that the ring finger vein connects directly to the heart. Awww, love.

    Have any more ring-related questions? Send us a message anytime, we’d love to chat with you! Also, check out our blog Planning the Perfect Proposal’for help on choosing designs, deciding on budget, and popping the question with panache!

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