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    For this Moyo Magic design challenge, we tasked seven insanely talented indie jewelry designers to create epic, one-of-a-kind rings to showcase their hand-picked Moyo sapphire.
    • 20 min read
    We consulted with trusted Gem Dealer Experts from all over the world to get the full picture on sourcing ethical sapphires from every origin: Australia, Montana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. If ethical sourcing is important to you, we're here with the full, unfiltered truth (as always) on sourcing sapphires so you can make decisions that are most aligned for you. 
    • 15 min read
    A magical parcel of glistening sapphires has arrived on the Gem Breakfast site – tantalizing teals, magical multi-coloreds, stunning step cuts, delicious deep blues, and enviable emerald greens in every shape and size under the sun! All sourced from our favorite alternative gemstone dealer, Misfit Diamonds. Gem Breakfast is now the place to buy loose sapphires.
    • 3 min read
    Keep reading for everything you need to know about sapphires: what sapphires are made of, why we love them, how to choose your sapphire, treatment of sapphires, and their symbolism.
    • 7 min read
    Let’s chat about what all your fave gemstones mean (and what they can do for your emotional, mental, and metaphysical well-being)!
    • 5 min read