8 Delicously Distinctive Emerald Rings + Pro-Tips For Picking Your Perfect Emerald

    Follow the yellow brick road with glittering green emeralds that would make any Emerald City citizen gasp with glee. One of the four precious stones, emerald is a throne-worthy gem, adorning the crown jewels of many a royal family. 20x rarer than diamonds, emeralds are an incredibly special self-treat or a deliciously distinctive engagement ring choice.

    Keep reading to see a few of our favorite custom and one-of-a-kind emerald rings + tips to pick your perfect emerald. If you see something you love, send us a message or book a free consult anytime to chat custom! P.S. a little known fact: it doesn't cost any extra to design a custom ring, so go ahead and get exactly what you like in your emerald engagement ring or treat yourself ring!

    8 deliciously distinctive emerald rings and pro tips for picking your perfect emerald

    Emerald Rings that Sing

    emerald cut emerald ring

    1. Emerald Cut Gold
    Emerald Ring

    Embody all of your Wizard of Oz, Emerald City dreams with this richly saturated elongated emerald. Finished with 12 dramatic gold claw prongs and a thin milgrain band, she's the very definition of understated luxury.

    evil eye engraved emerald wedding ring

    2. Evil Eye Engraved Emerald Wedding Ring

    Ward off bad vibes in the most elevated way possible with this eternity style hand-engraved gold evil eye ring set with glittering green emerald pupils. The most distinctive wedding band or chic good vibes stacking ring.

    oval cut emerald ring

    3. Gold Oval Cut Emerald Ring

    It's giving cleopatra, green serpent energy with a mermerizing 2 carat bright green emerald and dramatic twinning gold triangle adornments. Button claw prongs and a thin polished gold band complete the vision. Sleek, unique, with an undeniable mystique, she's, shall we say ... quite a treat!

    kite cut emerald ring

    6. Kite Cut Gold Emerald Ring

    Let's go fly a kite! Except you know, an emerald kite set into the most buttery, half bezel setting atop a gleaming wide gold band. This ring shows just how striking simplicity can be with clean lines and assymetric geometry that draws (and holds) your attention. The chicest way to go green.

    oval cut emerald ring

    4. Oval Cut Emerald Ring

    An unforgettable talisman of green perfection, this east-west set oval cut emerald is framed in a flawless gold bezel and flaunts an emerald drenched gold band. She's turning heads from every angle. Alexa, cue the applause.

    boobie gold emerald ring

    5. Emerald Boobie Ring

    A cult-fave, this gold boobie ring by Dallas Maynard is handcrafted and adorned with glistening green emeralds to give the girls the gravitas they deserve. Celebrate the feminine with a solid gold likeness.

    emerald cut emerald diamond ring

    4. Emerald Cut Emerald Diamond Ring

    If royalty was a ring, she would be it. With a glorious emerald cut bright green emerald at the center, trapezoid diamond sides, and a diamond encrusted band, this white gold emerald engagement ring deserves its spot on the throne.

    tsavorite garnet and emerald wedding ring

    5. Tsavorite, Garnet, and Emerald Wedding Ring

    Get your greens in with a glittering gemstone salad of emerald, tsvaorite garnet, and alexandrite. An incredibly unique wedding band or a dessert-for-dinner self treat. Set in U shaped prongs to give every stone its uninterrupted moment in the spotlight.


    Emerald is the green to blue-green variety of beryl. Generally, deeper green beryl is considered emerald, while the lightest green tones are classified as simply green beryl.



    For emeralds, color is by far the most important ‘C’ and is broken up into three categories - hue, tone, and saturation:

    Emerald Hue: the variety of green. The most sought after emeralds range from pure green to blue-green. Hue is a fine line to walk as any gems that are too yellow-green are considered green beryl instead of emerald.

     Emerald Tone: how light or dark the stone is. Gemstones must have at least a medium light tone to be considered an emerald and not a green beryl.

    Emerald Saturation:the color intensity, ranging from dull to pure vivid. The more vivid the stone, the more striking it will appear.  

    The most fawned over emeralds are bluish green in a medium tone with vivid saturation. Having said that, choose what you love! A light green emerald can be just as stunning as a deep green emerald.


    Almost all emeralds (about 99%) have inclusions. If you see an unincluded emerald, it’s likely synthetic unless it’s an incredibly rare and exorbitantly expensive stone. Inclusions in emeralds are known as ‘jardin’ and are created from gases, liquids, and mineral deposits in the stone.

    Emeralds also don’t have a clarity grading scale like diamonds, so it’s up to you to choose what you love.  

    Pro-tip:though almost all emeralds are included, try to avoid emeralds with surface-reaching inclusions which can affect the durability of the stone.

    Emerald Treatments

    Most emeralds are treated with oils or resins to boost the stone’s clarity. Having said that, treatment should always be disclosed.


    Most emeralds are cut into emeralds cuts – the rectangular step cut developed specifically for them. Emeralds aren’t given a cut grade like round brilliant diamonds, so it’s about evaluating their faceting, shape, symmetry, depth, and width to determine the cut quality – an expert jeweler can help with this!

    Emeralds can also be cut into almost every other shape but go up in price as more rough stone is wasted when cutting these shapes.


    Carat is really up to you and your budget, but generally emeralds will look larger than diamonds of the same carat weight (they are less dense). Because large emeralds are so difficult to find, the price increases exponentially as you go over one carat.

    rough emerald

    Rough emerald


    What does an emerald ring symbolize?

    Emerald is the stone of the heart chakra – it helps us open our hearts to give and receive unconditional love, both romantically and platonically.In ancient Greece, emerald was the stone of Venus, the goddess of love and hope. In Egypt, it was considered the stone of eternal life. 

    Is it ok to wear an emerald ring every day?

    Definitely, though you want to take extra care of your ring since it’s not invincible. Take it off for any potentially damaging activities like weight liftings, sports, cleaning, etc to keep it looking its lustrous best.

    Is emerald ok for an engagement ring?

    Yes! With a hardness of 7.5 to 8, emeralds are durable enough to wear as an engagement ring. The only caveat: they are not indestructible and are significantly softer than diamonds or sapphires, so if you’re accident prone or especially active, you may want to steer clear. Remove your emerald engagement ring ring for any strenuous activates and have it set in an extra-protective setting like a halo or bezel if you’re concerned.

    Are emeralds more expensive than diamonds?

    Because emeralds are 20x rarer than diamonds and it takes more rough stone to cut a finished stone, they are usually more expensive. About 80 to 95% of a rough stone is discarded to create a finished emerald gemstone.

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