24 Sleek Bezel Set Engagement Rings

    Everyone's new favorite modern minimalist setting, bezel set engagement rings are having a major moment, but the truth is, bezel settings have been around forever. Effortlessly chic and very much the clean girl aesthetic, bezel settings were the first kind of gemstone setting ever used. They're the just-right marriage of antique and modern.

    In this bezel set ring roundup, we're sharing some of our favorite custom and one-of-a-kind rings from our curated roster of independent female designers and from our in-house line, Made By Gem Breakfast.

    If you see your soul match, book a free virtual consultation to chat about recreating that design to align with your aesthetic and arrive at your one-of-a-kind perfect ring.

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    1. Champagne Hexagon Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    Geometric, contemporary, and yet somehow vintage-esque, this artfully edible rose cut hexagon diamond glows gloriously in its gleaming gold bezel setting. A thin gold band brings it all together for a unique yet timeless design that draws all the eyes. Domed from the side, it's a diamond that garners attention from every single angle.

    2. Champagne Diamond Moval Bezel Set Ring

    Evil eye, champagne diamond edition. Have your diamonds and energy protection too with an all-seeing eye made of the most incandescent golden champagne moval diamond to ever grace this world. Set east-west in a flawless thin gold bezel with a delicate sleek band, she's the it-est it girl ring to dance into our lives.

    3. Mixed Cut White Diamond Bezel Set Ring

    If you're ready for a STATEMENT, this ring is it. Giving starry night vibes, this design lights up with a glittering marquise cut diamond plus star set round brilliants, a massive domed presence on the finger, and that delectable satin 14k gold finish. Reach for the stars with a celestial treat that just cannot be beat.

    White Moval Cut Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    4. White Moval Cut Bezel
    Set Diamond Ring

    What do you get when you mix an evil-eye-esque east-west moval diamond and a hand-engraved celestial band? Cosmic perfection, my friends. Showing the simple magic of artful details + flawless craftmanship, she's a star-studded gift to behold.

    5. Champagne Cushion Portrait Cut Diamond Ring

    A minimalist's dream, this portrait cut diamond ring is the very definition of sleek. With the most ethereal cushion cut portrait diamond set in a modern, clean bezel setting, it feels effortless and effervescent. It just shows, when you have it, you have it.

    6. Mixed Diamond Bezel Set
    Cluster Ring

    One of our most pinned rings, this custom cluster ring feels like a celebration. With a champagne diamond in the center and fans of baguette diamonds and multi-colored round brilliants framing, it's giving diamond fireworks and we're ready to watch the show.

    7. Champagne Pear Diamond Bezel Set Ring

    Intricate feather hand-engraving and the juiciest golden champagne diamond dance a très romantic dance in this one-of-a-kind design. For the statement-loving lady, this ring has big diamond energy with handcrafted details you won't see twice. She's not shy about taking her rightful place in the spotlight.

    8. White Kite Cut Half Bezel Diamond Ring

    When you want a striking, modern setting andyour high-quality diamond to shine it's brightest, you opt for a chic half bezel setting. With a sinfully sparkling kite diamond set east-west, and a semi-bezel to protect those pointy points, she's an unexpected yet minimalistic design that's a blessing to the eyes.

    9. Champagne Diamond Rose Cut Ring

    For the detail-loving, more-is-more queen, we say don't decide, have it all! Combining a milgrain bezel setting with diamond encrusted compass-set prongs, this effervescent champagne diamond ring leaves no angle unadorned. It's giving vintage, lost-at-sea romance and we're onboard.

    Champagne Moval Cut Diamond Ring

    10. Champagne
    Moval Cut
    Diamond Ring

    Named cookie butter for a reason, this east-west set champagne moval is a tempting treat that looks good enought to eat. Prioritizing width instead of height gives this ring an unexpected energy we love.

    11. White Emerald Cut Opalescent Sapphire Ring

    Giving art deco realness, this emerald cut opalescent sapphire ring is striking yet minimal. A full bezel setting holds the milky white sapphire and contrasts with artful half bezels on the white baguette diamond sides.

    12. Moon Phase
    Bezel Set
    Diamond Ring

    An ode to the moon, this cosmic creation is carved with every moon phase, leading up to the sparkling white diamond full moon at the center. Handcrated in your choice of yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

    13. Oval Cut Bezel Set Engagement Ring

    Pour yourself an everlasting glass of bubbly with this unbelievable champagne oval cut diamond. Encased in a slinky bezel with a thin gold band, she's pared-down golden perfection.

    14. Old European Cut Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    Peer through the looking glass with a trio of gasp-worthy old european cut diamonds bezel set into a gleaming gold bombe ring that has unparalelled panache. Marrying old with new for a truly timeless treat.

    White Carre Cut Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    15. White Carré Cut Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    Putting the 'art' in art deco, this carré cut diamond ring in encased in a kite set bezel and adorned with cosmic star and planet engraving on the band. She shines like the brightest star in the sky.

    Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

    16. Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

    For those who love the intricacy and unmatched workmanship of times gone by, this vintage-insired bezel set engagement ring will speak to your soul. With a cushion cut center diamond and elaborate detailing interspersed with diamonds along the band, she's an all-you-can-eat feast for the eyes.

    17. Portrait Cut Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    If you didn't understand the appeal of a portait cut diamond before - now you know. Clean, ethereal, and seriously sophisticated, she picks up the gold surrounding her for a lit-from-wtihin gleam you have to see to believe. Set with a combined bezel and prong settting, it's minimalist magic.

    18. Portrait Cut Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    Stacked with symbolism, this custom creation is designed with a hidden golden detail that's revealed through the transparent portait cut diamond. Flanked by two pink bezel set sapphire baguettes and dramatized with a vintage milgrain bezel, she's intricacy embodied.

    19. Hexagon Cut
    Bezel Set
    Diamond Ring

    A geometric dream, this hexagon diamond ring pairs a bezel set champagne hexy with sparkling tapered baguette diamond sides for a clean, minimalistic energy that trescends time.

    20. Black Diamond Bezel Set Engagement Ring

    Maximalism at its finest, this rose cut black diamond ring spares no details with a thick gold bezel and a mixed cut diamond halo that adds height and drama for days and days.

    21. Oval Portrait Cut Diamond Ring in Bezel Setting

    Delicate and dreamy, this romantic design feels like a stroll through a vintage estate garden. With an oval portrait cut diamond center stone and two round diamond trios, she's a sweet treat.  

    22. Marquise Cut
    Bezel Set
    Diamond Ring

    Like a diamond growing inside the gold, this marquise diamond bombe ring makes a statement so strong. Simple yet weighty with curves in all the right places, she's much-loved for a reason.

    Salt and Pepper Kite Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    23. Salt and Pepper Kite Bezel Set Diamond Ring

    Get ready for some height with this salt and pepper kite. Contrasted with a glimmering halo of white brilliant diamonds, this peppery diamond is highlighted and elevated in all the right ways.

    24. White Star Cut
    Diamond Bezel
    Set Ring

    The stars align with this star cut diamond bombe ring that's both minimal and maximal with a rare diamond cut and a tantalizing tapered band. She's chunky and she's funky, my friends.

    guide to bezel settings

    What Is A Bezel Setting?

    A bezel setting uses a thin band of precious metal to surround and hold a diamond or gemstone in place. The setting wraps around the girdle of the stone and overlaps the top edges to protect the gem and hold it securely in place.

    Bezel Settings vs. Prong Settings

    Rather than a continuous band of gold holding the stone in place, prong settings hold a gem is place with small precious metal tips - these can vary from button prongs, claw prongs, v prongs, block prongs, and more. Learn more about every kind of prong setting in our blog!

    How to choose between bezel settings and prong settings?It depends on your personal preference, your lifestyle, and the type and cut of gem you choose. Because prong settings only cover small sections of a gem, they're less secure and protective than bezel settings. So, if you're working with a less durable colored gemstone, a stone with sharply pointed corners, or you lead an extra active lifestyle, you might want to opt for a bezel setting or half-bezel setting.

    On the other hand, prong settings allow more light to enter the stone, creating maximum sparkle. So, if you want your stone to shine its absolute brightest, you may want to choose a prong set diamond over bezel set diamonds.

    If you're looking to hide inclusions or blemishes in a stone, a bezel setting is your friend. It can easily disguise imperfections in certain areas of a stone.

    In terms of cost, bezel settings are usually slightly more expensive as they use more gold than prong settings.

    Bezel setting vs half bezel setting

    Whereas a traditional bezel setting surrounds the whole girdle of the stone, a half-bezel or semi-bezel setting only surrounds certain sections of a stone. This creates a secure setting that allows more light to pass through for extra sparkle.

    Bezel plus prongs

    If you're looking to combine visual interest with an extra-secure setting, you can add prongs to a bezel setting for a customized vibe that suits your aesthetic. Scroll up for a few examples of this combo in a design.

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