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    24 Obsession-Worthy Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

    On Wednesdays (and every day) we wear pink. From bubblegum to fuschia and cotton candy to pink lemonade, get ready for an ode to barbiecore pink perfection - sapphire edition.

    Peruse sleek solitaires, covetable clusters, and all the unexpected never-been-seen-before pink engagement ring settings in between. From blinding pink brilliance to dreamy opalescence, forewarn your wallets my friends!

    Whether you're browsing for pink sapphire engagement rings or in the mood for treat-yourself pink sapphire rings, enter our pink sapphire dream. If you're looking for a pink engagement ring but aren't sure which stone to pick, sapphire is the most durable pink gemstone with a hardness of 9 on the Moh's hardness scale, plus it has the widest range of tones and hues.

    pink sapphire engagement rings

    1. Pink Oval Opalescent Sapphire Ring

    Channel your inner barbiecore with a bubblegum pink opalescent oval cut sapphire. Double claw prongs balance the palette alongside a candy-sweet stone for the perfectly balanced after-dinner treat.

    2. Pink Sapphire Toi et Moi Ring

    Go back for seconds with two deliciously saturated light pink sapphires set in an assymetrical toi et moi design. She's giving double scoops of strawberry ice cream energy - except you know, sapphires.

    3. Pink Oval Opalescent Sapphire Ring

    A Jellybean pink sapphire set in our signature Mirella setting. She's a sapphire sundae with all the indulgent toppings - buttery yellow gold prongs, chic skinny shank, and a rose cut white diamond half halo.

    pink pear cut opalescent sapphire ring

    4.Opalescent Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

    The opalescent pink sapphire of your strawberries and cream dreams! In the most sugary shade of pink and blessed with silky inclusions throughout, she's finished with a half halo of round and pear shaped white diamonds.

    5. Pink Round Brilliant Sapphire
    Cluster Ring

    The hottest hot pink sapphire made even more appetizing with a delectable fan of bright white marquise, pear, and round brilliant diamonds plus contrasting pink sapphires. A more perfect and unexpected cluster ring does not exist.

    6. Kite Cut Pink Sapphire
    Solitaire Ring

    The most mesmerizing magenta pink kite cut sapphire nestled into a sleek and minimalistic setting for her uninterrupted moment in the spotlight. A stone this delicious needs no accroutrements - she's giving serious main course energy.

    7. Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Ring

    This life-changing, head-turning crystal clear pink emerald cut sapphire deserves only the solo spotlight. Set in our signature Stella setting with chic double claw prongs, she's a stone-centered drop of pink heaven.

    8. Bi-Color Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Ring

    We framed this incredibly rare pink-blue bi-color sapphire with glittering white trillion side diamonds for contrast and gleaming gold double claw prongs for balance. She's sunset-over-the-mountains perfection.

    9. Emerald Cut Light Pink Sapphire Ring

    Look on the light side with this pink-lemonade-toned emerald cut sapphire flanked by irresistible trillion side diamonds. Double claw prongs add upscale edge to a sugary sweet treat.

    pink geo pear cut sapphire ring

    10. Pink Geo Pear Cut Sapphire Ring

    A truly awe-inspiring hot pink geo cut sapphire set atop an unapologetically opulent half halo of pink round brilliant cut diamonds. She's in a Barbie girl world of her own creation.

    11. Pink Oval Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo

    A Princess Diana-esque timeless halo design made original and unforgettable with an artfully included fuschia pink oval cut sapphire, marquise diamond corners, and gleaming button prongs.

    Pink Pear Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo

    12. Pink Pear Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo

    A flamingo pink, seriously shimmery pear-shaped sapphire adorned with a white diamond halo, subtle gold claw prongs, and pavé diamond band. She's ready for her closeup.

    13. Pink Opalescent Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring

    This deliciously milky pink opalescent emerald cut sapphire positively glows alongside shining compass set claw prongs and a lavish milgrain frame.

    Pink Pear Sapphire Cluster Ring

    14. Pink Pear Sapphire & Diamond
    Cluster Ring

    The sweetest sugary treat with a candy-pink rose cut pear sapphire and a sparkling spray of white diamonds. Eat bonbons every day with this pink gemstone confection.

    Pink Opalescent Oval Cut Sapphire Ring

    15. Pink Opalescent Oval Cut Sapphire

    A creamy, dreamy, endlessly ethereal pink oval cut sapphire set in a sleek bezel setting for contrast perfection. Sometimes simple is the most scintillating.

    16. Hot Pink-Purple Bi-Color Round Brilliant Cut Sapphire Ring

    A stone that's forever burned in our memory! Hot pink and purple come together to create the most hypnotic, enticing tone. Sparkling round brilliant side diamonds finish off this indulgent treat.

    17. Pink Rose Cut Sapphire Ring with Braided Gold Band

    This sleek but deliciously detailed solitaire comes with a raspberry pink rose cut sapphire accented by perfectly placed compass set prongs and the braided gold band to rule them all.

    18. Pink Emerald Cut Opalescent Sapphire Ring

    Behold the perfect example of inclusions adding can't-look-away interest. We turned this elongated pink sapphire on its side for an unexpected and distinctive design that celebrates this special stone.

    19. Pink Oval Cut Three Stone Sapphire Ring

    An idyllic soft pink oval cut sapphire made even dreamier with perfectly placed white round brilliant diamond sides. Set in GB exclusive peach gold for extra warmth and romance.

    20. Pink Round Brilliant Sapphire Ring

    This stone is giving all the bubbly pink champagne vibes with its effervescent rosé tones. Set in our sleek, minimalistic signature Stella setting, she shines bright in every light.

    21. Rose Cut Light Pink Sapphire Ring

    We contrasted this ballet slipper pink rose cut sapphire with a contemporary bezel setting in our exclusive 18 karat Peach Gold. She's the it-girl ring for the pink-loving queen.

    22. Pink Round Rose Cut Sapphire

    The sweetest candied confection, we nestled a gleaming pink rose cut sapphire between two pink pear sapphires in a deliciously detailed milgrain bezel setting. She's turning heads in every direction.

    23. Pink Oval Opalescent Sapphire Ring

    A milky fuschia pink oval cut sapphire set east-west with a hand-engraved golden hexagon backdrop and gold gumdrop button prongs. She's entirely original and can't help but catch your eye.

    24. Pink Radiant Cut Sapphire

    A completely captivating pink radiant cut sapphire gleams from every angle with custom-set white diamond shoulders and a diamond encrusted band. She's perfection and she knows it.

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