The Spiritual Meaning Behind Your Favorite Gemstones

    It’s said we’re naturally attracted to gemstones with the qualities we subconsciously want more of in our lives. That means you might be attracted to a sapphire because you need to trust your own innate wisdom more, or morganite because you need to give yourself more love and compassion.

    Or, you might just love that bright blue hue, or that high-wattage sparkle! But just for fun, let’s chat about all the gemstone meanings (and what they can do for your emotional, mental, and metaphysical well-being)!

    How & Why Gemstones Affect Us Spiritually

    Everything is made up of vibrating energy. As humans, our vibrational frequency is very erratic, always changing, and easily influenced. Crystals and gemstones on the other hand, have an incredibly stable energetic frequency. Because of this stability, they can easily influence the vibrations of objects (and especially people) around them.

    Each crystal has a different vibrational frequency, and so has a unique effect on its surroundings. Keep reading to find out what your favorite gemstones mean for you and your life!

    spiritual meaning of gemstones

    spiritual meaning of gemstones

    Sapphire Meaning

    The stone of wisdom, deep knowing, and crystal clear clarity. Blue sapphire helps focus the mind and calm mental tension. Its energy helps us sift through conflicting thoughts and opinions to shine a light on the truth - the deepest, highest truth for you. Once you know your truth, sapphire helps you express it with clarity and confidence.

    When you think sapphire, your first thought is likely that deep, royal blue hue, but this gorgeous stone also comes in pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, black, and white. Each color stays true to its essence of wisdom, but also has unique healing qualities and gem meanings of its own:

    Green Sapphire expands the wise sapphire energy to encompass the thoughts and feelings of those around you. It inspires a new level of understanding and compassion of others, deepening the connections in your life.

    Pink Sapphirebrings the wisdom of acceptance, forgiveness, and release. It helps us accept and let go of the past, freeing us from emotional ties that bind us. Its energy connects us with the infinite love that’s always available to us.

    White Sapphiregives us the wisdom to overcome obstacles in our life. It’s the gift of clarity, of a greater intelligence to guide us through difficult times.

    Purple Sapphirebrings the deepest kind of wisdom – it helps us see our oneness with all others, gifting us the peace that comes with connection.  

    To learn more about sapphires, check out our blog!

    When To Wear Sapphire

    When you’re feeling confused, conflicted, or have a difficult decision to make. Or, when you need help connecting with your own truth and expressing it to others.

    Moonstone Meaning

    Moonstone helps us connect to, calm, and soothe our always-changing emotions. It promotes deep healing of stored emotional wounds, and brings light to emotional patterns that are no longer serving us. A stone of feminine energy, Moonstone aligns us more deeply with our intuition so we can move beyond fear.  

    When To Wear Moonstone

    When emotions are running high, when you’re feeling particularly low, and definitely during your monthly moon cycle!

    Tourmaline Meaning

    'Elodie' pink tourmaline and sapphire 3 stone ring

    The stone of protection, tourmaline shields us from negativity inside and outside of ourselves. It transforms fear, deflects negativity, and guards against destructive energies. Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone to purify toxicity and bring forth the light. It’s the always-supportive shield that gives you a big hug when you need it most.

    Pink tourmaline (like the magical stone pictured here) cleanses the body, mind and spirit of negativity, and transforms these energies to a deep love of self. It opens the heart chakra to help release old wounds, and allows joy and love to enter freely.

    When To Wear Tourmaline

    When you’re feeling fearful, weighed down by negativity, or when you just need a dose of light and love in your life.

    Morganite Meaning

    'Happy Heart' diamond and morganite ring

    Morganite is the stone of love – love of self, love of others, and the infinite love of the universe.

    This stone opens your heart, helping you recognize your own inherent worthiness, and open up to love from others. It helps you connect with compassion – to celebrate your own uniqueness, take time to honor what you truly need, and release guilt and regret.  

    When To Wear Morganite

    When you’re feeling low or disconnected from others. Keep this stone close to bring forth love and help foster connection.

    Emerald Meaning

    A heart chakra stone, Emerald helps balance and unblock your heart space for more love, compassion, and trust for yourself and others. Known as the "Stone of Successful Love",Emerald brings balance to both romantic connections and friendships by releasing fear and encouraging understanding.

    Emerald also helps reconnect you with your intuition and inner wisdom. It gives you confidence in your own knowing and enhances clarity in your decision-making.

    When To Wear Emerald

    When you're feeling lackluster or uninspired, Emerald will bring back the spark and revive your passion. Whether in a relationship, your job, or a favorite hobby, Emerald will help you see your situation in a shiny new light.  

    Chrysoberyl Meaning

    Chrysoberyl oval cut ring

    Chrysoberyl is the “high road” gemstone. It connects you with a higher perspective, helps you see truth in the present moment, and aligns you with peaceful, positive, heart-centered energy. This stone is the meaning of compassion for yourself and others. You begin to understand all perspectives and connect more easily with forgiveness.  

    When To Wear Chrysoberyl

    When you’re seeking understanding – of yourself or of those around you.

    Garnet Meaning

    'Isla' emerald cut rare garnet and diamond medley ring

    Garnet is a powerfully energizing, regenerative stone. It represents fire and brings forth the passion, energy, and purification that flames embody. Just like it’s deep red color, garnet holds a sensual, vibrant, uninhibited energy that inspires passionate action. Whether it’s love, career, or creativity, garnet helps channel and intensify your own desires and potential.

    When To Wear Garnet

    When you want more passion in your life! Garnet will bring the energy, the intensity, and the vibrancy to enliven any area of life that’s feeling lacklustre.

    Spinel Meaning

    'Estella' spinel and diamond ring

    Spinel is the stone of true abundance – it helps connect you with the present moment, to feel gratitude for the non-tangible beauty of life. It helps you release thoughts of past and future, and sink deeply into the now. Spinel is a beautiful stone to promote relaxation, release fear/pain/resentment/worry, and expand into a more positive, profound state of being.

    When To Wear Spinel

    When you need to tune into gratitude, align with abundance, and feel connected to the present moment.

    Read our blog to learn more about Spinel!

    Diamond Meaning

    'Delilah' curvy rose cut diamond ring

    An incredibly high-vibe stone, diamond connects us with the infinite possibilities of who and what we can be. It opens our imagination, activates our creativity, and connects us with a deeper truth. Diamonds symbolize abundance – a deep recognition of our unending potential, and a clarity that everything that’s meant for us is coming.

    When To Wear Diamonds

    Umm always! No but seriously, diamonds are not only gorgeous, they’re the highest vibration stone there is. When combined with our intentions, diamonds can elevate our lives to reach our highest creative potential.

    Learn tips and tricks for choosing the most fabulous diamond for your dollar in our blog!

    Mother of Pearl Meaning

    'Quinn' mother of pearl & grey rose cut diamond ring

    As the name suggests, Mother of Pearl is the ‘mother’ of all gemstones. It’s loving, nurturing energy that soothes our worries, calms our fears, and protects us from harm. Look to this gemstone for a gentle clarity – to help bring ease and grace to difficult decisions or situations.

    When To Wear Mother of Pearl

    When you need some of that nurturing, loving ‘mom’ energy.

    How to Choose the Gemstone For You

    Our best advice: don’t overthink it! Choose the stone that speaks to your soul, the one you just can’t look away from. Your intuition knows what it needs and will draw you to the crystal that’s meant for you at this moment in time.

    If you feel torn between several gemstones (and don’t want to splurge on them all), choose based on which healing, empowering qualities you’d love more of.

    And it’s always fun to look through your own collection to understand why you’ve gravitated towards certain stones, and which stones to wear when you want more love, more concentration, or more inspiration in your life!

    Summary: What do gemstones symbolize?

    Sapphire: wisdom, focus, and expression

    Diamond:clarity, imagination, and abundance

    Emerald: harmony, eternity, and romance

    Tourmaline: protection, strength, and transformation

    Morganite: depth, love, and growth

    Spinel: comfort, cleansing, and relaxation

    Garnet:energy, sensuality, and perception

    Moonstone:renewal, calm, and intuition

    Mother of pearl: protection, calm, and love

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