Bella vs Stella: Our Signature Solitaires

    If you’re a Gem Breakfast gal, you’ve likely seen/heard about our two signature solitaire engagement ring settings: Bella & Stella - the rings on so many wish lists!

    Stella came first, and when we introduced Bella, we were asked by so many of you “what’s the difference between them?” So, we’re here today to share:

    • Why we love Bella and Stella
    • What they have in common
    • How they’re different
    • All the ways to customize each one for a seriously one-of-a-kind solitaire that feels like you through and through.

    Why we love Stella & Bella  

    The most minimalistic and beautiful solitaire engagement ring setting, both Bella and Stella are designed to give your diamond the uninterrupted stage time it deserves. With an ethereal, oh-so-light floating diamond feel, this incredibly chic setting feels both contemporary and eternal.  

    What Bella & Stella Have in Common


    Every Gem Breakfast ring is hand-created for exceptional quality and a flawless finish. We never use mass produced settings or buy settings from mass-manufacturers unlike many big box or online jewelers.  


    So deliciously delicate looking, the seriously slim, finished-by-hand band makes your diamond look larger and feels incredibly sleek.  


    From the prongs and the band, to the diamond shape, color, and cut, every Stella & Bella ring is completely one-of-a-kind.


    The prong head is slightly lifted off the shank, creating room to stack additional rings, because #moreismore are we right?! Many solitaires sit low to the finger and don’t stack easily with other rings. We want you to have #options for wearing your ring, whether it’s for an engagement or just a gift-to-me ring that brings you joy!


    Each setting is detailed for its specific diamond - prongs are hand-carved before setting to truly showcase the diamond and create a feeling of light effervescence.

    stella champagne diamond solitaire engagement ring

    How Bella & Stella Differ

    Almost identical from the top view, the Bella solitaire has a secret surprise on its underside – an artful tulip basket for extra interest from every angle. Because of Bella's tulip booty, she's only compatible with round or oval shaped diamonds. Stella, on the other hand, is compatible with virtually every shape and cut of diamond.

    How to customize your Bella or Stella

    Once you’ve settled on Bella vs Stella, how do you make the setting feel down-to-the-core, without a doubt, like YOU? Keep reading for all the ways to customize your setting.

    P.S. if all these choices feel overwhelming, we're always here to chat and share advice! We could talk about jewelry all day and night so send us a message anytime and we'll help you align your style and budget with the most fantabulous ring for you.  

    The Diamond

    The most important part of your solitaire by far – the diamond! Where to start when choosing your diamond:


    While the most popular solitaire diamond shape is round, the sky is the limit. Choose from oval and round for your Bella setting, and pick essentially any shape for your Stella setting: Asccher cut, emerald, oval, round, hexagon, and more!

    Oval Cut Stella Diamond Ring in Peach Gold (Sold - reach out to commission something similar)


    Once you’ve settled on your favorite diamond shape and cut, now it’s time to pick the actual diamond! Whether you love the glittering shine of a flawlessly clear, colorless diamond, or the depth and cosmic character of a salt & pepper diamond, your diamond should not only reflect your style, but stir up your soul! While each diamond is totally unique, some varieties to choose from:

    Or if you love the look or meaning of another gemstone like sapphires or tourmaline, let us know and we’ll advise you on which stones work best!

    The Gold

    Customize your ring further by choosing the gold that aligns with your style and compliments your diamond. All Stella and Bella solitaires came be made with:

    • 18k Yellow Gold
    • 18k Peach Gold (a Gem Breakfast exclusive)
    • 18k Rose Gold
    • 18k White Gold
    • 14k & Two-Tone available by special request
    • Platinum
    • Palladium

    Read our 'Ultimate Gold & Precious Metal Guide'for more help deciding on the precious metals for you!

    The Band

    Whether you love the signature super-slim (1.5mm) streamlined band we’ve started with, or you’re itching to embellish and customize, you can make Stella and Bella totally your own. Some band customizations to think about:

    • Band thickness
    • Milgrain: tiny beads along the band
    • Diamond shoulders
    • Eternity band: diamonds all the way around
    • Hand-engraving on the band

    The Prongs

    Depending on diamond shape (and your preference), even the prongs can be customized:


    Round diamond Bellas & Stellas are usually created with single prongs, whereas asccher cut and emerald cut diamonds are generally made with double claw prongs. There are truly no rules though!

    Asscher Cut Stella Diamond Ring in Platinum (Sold - reach out to commission something similar)


    Rounded or perfectly pointed, the prongs are hand-carved to suit your chosen diamond and to reflect the look you love.


    Bella comes with 4 prongs, and most of our Stellas come with 4 prongs, however you can also choose 6 prongs for your Stella.


    The standard prong orientation is diagonally when looking straight on, however the prongs can be shifted to resemble a compass (east, west, north, and south facing prongs)!

    Read our 'Guide to Prong Settings' for more on choosing and customizing the perfect prongs for you!

    Browse through our site to see our in-stock Stellas & Bellas, or reach out anytime to chat about creating custom! Read more about our custom design process here.

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