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    Your Complete Guide to All Types of Diamond Shapes

    If you're searching for (or designing) an engagement ring, the best place to start is diamond shape - do you love a classic shape like round or princess, an art deco aesthetic like asscher or emerald cut, an elongated shape like pear, marquise, or oval, or something completely outside the box like a hexagon, kite, or coffin cut? Overwhelmed yet? Keep reading for an overview on every diamond shape - why we love them + how to choose!

    Once you've narrowed down which shape(s) you like best, read our in-depth guide on that stone shape to learn the ins and outs of picking the biggest, most beautiful diamond in your budget for that particular diamond shape.

    Cut vs shape

    Ok, here’s where it gets confusing. While you'll see these terms used interchangeably, ‘cut’ and ‘shape’ actually mean completely different things. Diamond shape refers to the literal shape of the diamond (round, oval, hexagon), whereas cut refers to the attributes of a diamond's cut like proportion, facets, and polish. So, even though you'll see diamond shapes named princess cut and asscher cut, they're actually talking about diamond shape not cut.  

    Hint: read our blog on diamond cut for more on that topic!

    your complete guide to all types of diamond shapes

    The most popular diamond shape, round diamonds make up over 75% of all diamond purchases. And for good reason - perfectly symmetrical with 57-58 precise facets, round diamonds are the sparkliest cut of them all and truly the LBD of diamond shapes. If you're looking for a timeless diamond shape that can be set in infinite ways, a round brilliant diamond may be for you.

    Learn more about round brilliant diamonds in our blog.

    round diamond ring
    oval diamond engagement ring

    An ultra flattering, finger-elongating shape, oval cut diamonds are effortlessly chic and have recently become an engagement ring favorite. With a brilliant cutting style and the same 58 facets found on round diamonds, they're incredibly sparkly and shine bright in every light. Oval diamonds look bigger than their carat weight thanks to their elongated outline.

    An oval diamond has the just-right balance between a timeless round diamond and a majestic marquise diamond.

    Read our oval cut diamonds guide to learn more.

    Pear shape diamonds (sometimes called teardrop diamonds) are shaped just like their fruity namesake except with a much pointier tip. A brilliant cut diamond, pear diamonds sparkle and shimmer shamelessly. Thanks to their elongated shape, they look bigger than their carat weight and slim the look of your finger. And the best part - they're noticeably less expensive than other diamond shapes, meaning you get a bigger diamond for your budget - yes please!

    If you like versatility, a pear shaped diamond gives you options - wear it point side up or point side down for two different looks in one diamond shape.

    Read our pear shaped diamond guide to learn more.

    pear shaped diamond engagement ring
    emerald cut diamond engagement ring

    Emerald cut diamonds are step-cut diamonds - step cuts have long parallel facets with a hall of mirrors, never-ending staircase vibe. Most emerald cuts are usuallu rectangular but you can also find them in square. With an architectural art-deco energy, emerald cut diamonds have a soft candlelit shine and give off unexpected flashes of light vs the shine-all-the-time sparkle of a round diamond.

    Emerald cut diamonds are less expensive than comparable round brilliant diamonds, yet look larger - wins all around I tell you.

    Read our emerald cut diamonds guide to learn more.

    An updated version of the old mine cut diamond, cushion cuts are a square or rectangular shape with rounded, pillowy edges. Cushion cuts have a romantic, vintage vibe we can't help but love.

    Cushion cut diamonds are the fieriest diamond shape - giving off the most colored light of any diamond. And if you love variety, cushion cuts deliver - you can choose from square vs rectangular, chunky vs crushed ice, and standard vs modified cushion cuts.

    A unique shape that's not often chosen, cushion cuts are less expensive, meaning you'll get a bigger diamond for your budget. Read our cushion cut diamonds guide to learn more.

    cushion cut diamond engagement ring
    radiant cut engagement ring

    A lesser known yet incredibly aesthetic diamond shape, radiant cut diamonds blend the can't-stop sparkle of a round diamond with the angular drama of an emerald cut. The second most sparkly shape, radiant cut diamonds are cut with 70 precise facets for a diamond disco ball effect that shines all day and night.

    As if there weren't already enough reasons to love a radiant cut diamond, they're less expensive that round diamonds andlook larger than almost every other diamond shape out there.

    Read our radiant cut diamonds guide to learn more.

    A modified brilliant cut, marquise diamonds are an incredibly unique and underrated shape that we can't get enough of. With their dramatic height, marquise diamonds combine the finger flattering magic of an oval diamond with the pointed peaks of a pear for a statement-making shape that's timeless yet head-turning.

    Shaped like an eye with curved sides and pointed tips, marquise cuts can be set right side up for a more traditional take or east-west for an unexpected twist. Like a few of their other elongated friends, marquise diamonds are less expensive than the ever-popular round diamond, yet look larger for the same carat weight.

    Read our marquise cut diamonds guide to learn more!

    marquise diamond engagement ring
    asscher cut diamond engagement ring

    A striking step cut, asccher cut diamonds are square with cropped corners. They have a kaleidoscope vibe with a seemingly endless staircase of stacked diamond squares. Beloved for their clean, geometric lines, asscher cuts embody the art deco, architectural aesthetic.

    Like emerald cuts, asschers give off flashes of bright light in their signature spontaneous fashion - a shape with surprises, I tell you. Like most step cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds show inclusions more, so you'll want to prioritize clarity with this diamond shape.

    Read our asscher cut diamonds guide to learn more!

    Princess cut diamonds gained their name for a reason - their perfectly square, pristine shape feels regal, timeless, and definitely throne-worthy. With 50 to 58 facets, princess cuts are one of sparkliest diamond shapes, coming in second only to round brilliant diamonds in both sparkle and popularity.

    Less expensive and larger looking than round diamonds, princess cut diamonds check all the diamond boxes. And our favorite part: princess cuts give you options - set it square as expected or twist it for a kite-like vibe that'll keep them guessing.

    Read our princess cut diamonds guide to learn more!

    princess cut diamond engagement ring
    baguette diamond stacking ring

    Usually used as accent stones, baguette diamonds are tall, slim step cut rectangles. Available in straight or tapered, the straight variety is perfectly rectangular, while the tapered type is slightly angled inward on one end.

    Unlike emerald cuts which have cut corners, baguette diamonds have sharp edges on all four sides. With just 14 facets, baguettes are less outright sparkle and more candelit glow.

    Like the half-profile of lady luna, a half moon diamond looks like a round diamond cut in half. With a straight edge on one side and curved side on the other, they can either be brilliant cut or step cut. A unique and unexpected shape, half moon diamonds are most often used as accent stones, but as you can see in this photo, they're just as stunning as the main event.

    half moon diamond ring
    kite cut diamond ring

    Shaped like your favorite childhood windy-day accessory, kite shaped diamonds look like a rhombus with straight sides and sharply pointed corners. Modern and unique, kite cuts are eye-catching without ever trying too hard - the quintessential cool girl stone.

    One of our favorite side stone shapes, we also love them as the lead.

    Named after the french word for shoulder, epaulettes have five sides and are shaped like the shoulder ornaments on military uniforms or royal regalia. With sharp edges and a distinctive shape, they make for stunning side stones on a three stone ring.

    cushion cut green sapphire engagement ring with epaulette diamond sides
    hexagon diamonds

    Six sided and oh-so striking, hexagon diamonds are a unique diamond choice with a modern, geometric energy that can't be matched. Available in both brilliant cut and step cut, choose between a blindingly bright sparkle or a kaleidoscope, hall-of-mirrors aesthetic.

    One of our favorite stone shapes, we call them sexy hexys for a reason - we even devoted an entire pop-up design challenge to this distinctive shape.

    With 8 sides and an almost-round outline, octagon diamonds are the edgy geometric cousins to round brilliant diamonds. With even more facets than a round diamond, octagon cuts are incredibly sparkly in bright and low light alike. Though they're more difficult to find, they're worth the search.

    octagon diamonds
    trillion diamond

    Shaped like a triangle with three equal sides, trillion diamonds can either have straight angular sides or softer rounded edges. Usually used as accent stones, trillions are equally exciting (maybe more so) when set as the star of the show. Thanks to their cut, trillion diamonds are larger than any other diamond shape of the same carat weight and are significantly less expensive than most. So if you're looking for a lesser-chosen, eye-catching option, keep trillion diamonds in mind.

    The literal symbol of love, heart shaped diamonds are undeniably romantic and meaningful in engagement rings and love-yourself rings alike. A cousin to the pear shape, a heart shaped diamond has the same pointed bottom and rounded top with a single cleft carved into the curve to create a heart.

    One of the most challenging cuts to create, heart shaped diamonds require an extremely skilled cutter to achieve that striking symmetry and perfectly defined dip.

    heart shaped diamond
    coffin cut diamond

    Both vaguely coffin shaped, coffin cut diamonds and calf cut diamonds have six sides. The calf cut diamond is a slightly shorter, wider version of the coffin cut and both are available in step cut or brilliant cut. Both shapes are usually used as side stones, however you know we love an unexpected center stone shape over here.


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