Hexagon Diamonds & Hexagon Engagement Rings: Your Complete Guide

    Oh the sexy hexy - one of our favorite diamond shapes for a delectably distinctive one of a kind design that no one else will have. Settle in for a comprehensive how-to-decide guide to help you choose the perfect hexagon diamond or hexagon engagement ring for you. Keep reading for:

    • What is a hexagon diamond?

    • Why we love hexagon diamonds

    • The 4 types of hexagon diamonds

    • How to choose a hexagon diamond - the 4Cs

    • Our favorite hexagon diamond rings

    What is a hexagon diamond?

    Just as it sounds, a hexagon diamond is a six-sided diamond shaped like a hexagon. However, unlike the always symmetrical hexagon shape in geometry and bee-made honeycombs, hexagon diamonds have no set proportions. They range from perfectly even sides to extra elongated, super squat, and every iteration in between. The only constant? It always has six sides.

    Are Hexagon Diamonds Rare?

    Yes, hexagon diamonds are one of the rarest diamond shapes. They're the unicorns of the diamond world due to their lower demand and the skill required to cut them. And who doesn't love a rare center diamond?!

    Why we love hexagon diamonds

    There's a reason we devoted an entire design challenge to this sassy shapes - hexagon diamonds are an incredibly unique and distinctive choice with so many options for design. Plus, they look entirely different depending on the cutting style - whether brilliant, step cut, rose cut, or portrait cut.

    Hexagon diamonds are the chameleons of the diamond world. Fancy an art deco aesthetic, a modern minimal moment, a romantic vintage vibe, or an edgy energy? A hexagon diamond can deliver.

    So, if you're a non-conformist at heart, craving a ring that's truly one-of-a-kind, a hexagon diamond could be your perfect match.

    Types of hexagon diamonds

    Hexagon diamonds can be cut into four different styles - brilliant cut, step cut, rose cut, and portrait cut - and each style has its own unique magic:

    Think maximum sparkle, every moment. Brilliant cut hexagons are the show-offs of the group, who much like their round brilliant cousins, are dressed to impress with maximum faceting for a sparkle that would make a disco ball jealous.Brilliant cut hexys are less common as it takes a skilled cutter to get it right with this complex shape.

    Brilliant Cut Hexagon Diamond
    Step Cut Hexagon Diamond

    Just like emerald cuts or Asscher cuts, step cut diamonds boast long, wide facets, creating a hypnotic cascade of gradually diminishing hexagons - think of them as the Russian dolls of diamonds.

    Unlike the all-the-time sparkle of brilliant cut diamonds, step cut diamonds give off unexpected flashes of light with a subtler shine the rest of the time.

    Step cut hexagon diamonds are easier to find than brilliant cut hexys.

    If you're a Gem Breakfast OG, you know we LOVE a rose cut diamond - especially a rose cut hexagon. We did devote an entire pop-up design challenge to it after all! If you're new here, a rose cut diamond has a flat base (whereas most diamonds have a pointed bottom), large facets, and a domed top that resembles a rose.

    Originally an antique cut, rose cut diamonds were designed to sparkle and glow by candlelight. They give off a softer, subtler sparkle and are more transparent than a brilliant cut diamond. They're an incredibly romantic cut that give off a delicious vintage vibe that is as irresistible as it is rare. The best part: without the added weight at the bottom, rose cut diamonds look noticeably larger for their carat weight vs other diamond cuts.

    Rose Cut Hexagon Diamond
    Portrait cut Hexagon Diamond

    Rare to find, portrait cut diamonds are crafted to resemble a crystal clear pane of glass - like looking through a just-cleaned window. These diamonds have incredibly clarity for that uninterrupted view through.

    Unlike the other cuts which are made to sparkle, portrait cuts are created for visual impact - an artful statement shape that will spark conversation. They might not scintillate like their peers, but they still steal the show with their distinctive aesthetic.

    How to choose a hexagon diamond

    Hexagon diamond cut

    As with all diamond shapes, cut is the most important of the 4Cs. A well cut diamond will sparkle and shine in every setting and look aesthetic from every angle. Look for 'very good' or higher cut grades and pay special attention to proportion and symmetry:

    Ideal proportions for a hexagon diamond

    Truthfully, there are absolutely no rules for hexagon diamonds - choose what you love and leave it at that. However, if you don't know where to start, we're here with some guidelines.

    If you're looking for a more symmetrical hexagon diamond, go for a 1:1 length to width ratio - this will create a very symmetrical, balanced look that's pleasing to the eye (especially for the order-lovers out there!)

    If you're a fan of elongated hexagons, start with a length to width ratio between 1.2:1 and 1.5:1 for that hallmark finger-flattering, long, graceful silhouette.

    symmetrical vs elongated hexagon diamonds
    Hexagon diamond symmetry

    Well-cut diamonds will showcase symmetry in their facets, proportions, and overall shape. This ensures that light disperses through the stone evenly for uninterrupted sparkle and shine. Symmetry is extra important with hexagon cut diamonds which show irregularities more than other diamond shapes.

    If we've lost you and you'd rather leave the diamond deciding to the experts,book a free consultation anytime to talk diamonds or creating custom!

    Hexagon diamond clarity

    Clarity depends alot on the type of hexagon cut you choose - step cut, brilliant cut, rose cut, or portrait cut. Brilliant cut diamonds are the most forgiving of inclusions,allowing for a lower clarity grade.

    The rose cut, while not as forgiving as brilliant cut, is still more flexible than step cuts and portrait cuts.

    Step cut diamonds, with their open facets, expose blemishes easily. So, opt for a higher clarity grade to keep that eye-clean look.

    And portrait cut diamonds? You'll want the highest clarity grades for that 'clear as glass' aesthetic.

    Hexagon diamond color

    Color, too, is affected by the diamond's cut.Brilliant cut diamonds camouflage color variations, so you can choose a lower color grade and still get that icy white hue (if that's what you're after).

    Step cut diamonds reveal color differences with ease, so you'll want to move up the color scale to keep a cool tone.

    Rose cut diamonds, with their domed top and romantic energy, are the perfect match for warmer tones - now's the time to embrace those champagne hues.
    As for portrait cut diamonds, they keep no secrets. If you're after a clear, white glassy look, color is key.

    Hexagon diamond carat

    As with all diamond shapes, carat weight is completely up to you and your budget. Want to find the biggest, most mesmerizing diamond for your budget? Read our blog on diamond carat for all our pro-tips to maximize carat weight without sacrificing any of the sparkle and shine.

    Ring size factors into carat weight as well - depending on the size of your finger, you might want more finger coverage or less finger coverage to create the proportion you're envisioning on your hand.

    hexagon diamond

    How Much Do Hexagonal Diamonds Cost?

    Hexagonal diamonds are typically less pricey than round brilliant diamonds of the same quality and carat weight. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary, all without breaking the bank? Prices depend on the quality of the stone, the cut type you choose, the rarity of the stone you're looking for, and the jewelry you decide to create with your new diamond.

    What Does A Hexagon Engagement Ring Mean?

    Hexagons have powerful symbolism across multiple cultures and mediums - it symbolizes balance, harmony, and captures both masculine and feminine energy. As a symbol of partnership, hexagon engagement rings are actually pretty beautiful - denoting a balance between two people, two energies, and two lives that gains strength from both the similarities and differences.

    Can I design a custom hexagon engagement ring or wedding band?

    Yes! We have designed many a sexy hexy and its one of our favorite shapes to celebrate. Whether you're looking for a one of a kind art deco ring, a vintage vibe, a modern mood, or a sleek cool girl energy, we got you. Pair your hexy with yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or our signature Peach Gold and work with us to create the setting of your wildest, hexiest dreams.

    Read our blog on creating custom for a full rundown of the process or book a free custom consultation to learn more about the process, ask questions, or get started on your custom ring design. Peruse our custom gallery for extra inspo!

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