24 Incredible Three Stone Engagement Rings

    If you've been here a minute, you know we LOVE a 3 stone engagement ring or treat yourself ring. I mean, 3x times the diamonds (and gemstones) equals 3x the joy, my friends. So, if you're on the 3 stone team, keep scrolling for a collection of our favorite 3 stone engagement rings in every shape, tone, and stone under the sun - think three stone diamond rings, three stone sapphire rings, and everything in between. Cheers to triplets and trios that prove more is always more.

    In this list, you'll find some of our custom three stone rings plus one-of-a-kind designs from our curated list of independant female designers and from our in-house line, Made By Gem Breakfast. If something speaks to your soul, book a free virtual consultation and we can chat about recreating that ring with a just-for-you twist or we can create something completely new with your vision in mind.  

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    Your 3 stone engagement rings questions answered

    What does 3 stones on a ring mean?

    3 stone engagement rings symbolize past, present, and future. The center stone is often largest, a reminder to stay in the present moment with your partner, and the two side stones symbolize honoring and accepting your shared past and looking forward to your future together.

    Can engagement rings have 3 stones?

    Definitely! Three stone rings are timeless and so versatile - there's endless design options with a three stone ring from stone shapes and sizes to stone types, and of course the overall configuration. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite three stone engagement rings we've custom created over the years.

    What wedding bands looks best with three stone engagement rings?

    It all depends on the configuration and design of your ring! When picking a wedding band, start by checking whether your engagement ring is stackable or not. Stackable rings have a lifted head which allows straight bands to nestle underneath the setting and sit flush alongside your engagement ring. Non-stackable rings on the other hand, sit flat against the finger and leave no room for straight bands to fit underneath the setting - for these rings, we recommend a curved band or tiara band to frame your stone.

    Read our blog for a complete step-by-step guide to choosing a coordinating wedding band for your engagement ring. And if you want to get started now, send us a message and we can chat about creating the perfect custom wedding ring for you!

    Our Favorite Three Stone Engagement Rings

    1. Yellow and White
    Diamond 3 Stone Engagement Ring

    Like standing too close to the sun, this golden hour design shines blindingly bright with a yellow round brilliant diamond at its center and two sparkling white diamonds supporting. 6 claw prongs finish off this simple yet striking lit-from-within trinity.

    2. Asscher Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

    Dubbed the 'Catherine Ring', this oft-recreated ring is based on our Founder's own personal engagement ring that she redesigned with her showstopping Asscher Cut center diamond. A highly requested custom creation among our GB circle.

    3. Oval Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

    A pale yellow oval cut diamond takes center stage while flawlessly faceted pear cut white diamonds dance backup for a shimmering confection that's delicious from every angle. After all, three diamonds are better than one, am I right?

    3 stone oval engagement ring diamond

    4. Oval Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring

    For our white gold gals, a seriously scintillating oval cut diamond flanked by slim elongated kite cut diamonds and finished with a slim band for a trio that's both timeless and tantalizing. Diamonds in triplicate for the win.

    5. Round Brilliant Three Stone Diamond Ring

    A classic yet devastatingly perfect diamond threesome. With a fire-filled round brilliant diamond as the center stone and two shimmering trillion diamonds to frame, it's giving twin flame energy and we're ready to commit.

    6. Pear Diamond Three Stone Ring

    Pear-ed down perfection. While that shimmering teardrop diamond is a dream solo, three diamonds are always better that one, am I right? Kite diamond sides add an extra touch of elegance for a simple symmetry that's hard to resist.

    7. Pear Salt and Pepper Diamond Three Stone Ring

    Triplets are always more fun when they each have a personality of their own. Contrast perfection is achieved with a cosmic, dramatic salt and pepper pear at the center and glamorous white diamonds for a shape and color contrast that just can't be beat.

    8. Champagne Pear Three Stone Diamond Ring

    The honey toned creation that's no stranger to going viral. The tastiest golden champagne pear is paired with white kite diamonds for a delicious trifecta that feels like peaches and cream, honey and ice cream - basically a diamond dream.

    9. Salt and Pepper Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

    A unexpected pairing that shows us diamonds in trice are three times as nice. A starry night salt and pepper diamond is contrasted to perfection with glowing white round diamond sides for a stars in the sky vibe we'll take all day and night.

    blue emerald cut sapphire engagement ring

    10. Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Striking an irresistible balance between art deco artistry and sleek modern architecture, this sapphire trio is simply unbeatable. For the queen who wants to be seen, she's endlessly interesting and delectably distinctive - the opposite of a mass-produced mall design.  

    11. Teal Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    This multi-toned blue sapphire is giving heart of the ocean energy with a mesmerizing mix of deep blue depths and light blue tones. Flanked by bright white epaulette diamond sides and finished with dramatic double claw prongs, she just cannot do wrong from dusk till dawn.

    12. Blue Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    If you can't tell we love art deco yet, fix your gaze on this feast of geometric perfection. A glowing portrait cut blue-green sapphire is framed by towering baguette cut white diamonds for an architectural work of art that's as much ocean magic as great gatsby glamour.

    13. Green Emerald Cut Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    This emerald cut green-yellow sapphire is giving both emerald city energy and jollyrancher delicousness with it's insane clarity and dramatic green glow. Paired with open bezel set kite diamonds, she's the old money aesthetic defined.

    hexagon cut teal sapphire 3 stone engagement ring

    14. Hexagon Cut Teal Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring

    Ask us to make a hexagon sapphire into a timeless quiet luxury aesthetic and we'll deliver. With perfectly paired white trillion diamond sides + impeccably placed claw prongs, it's a heirloom-worthy design that any royal would be happy to inherit.

    green bi color sapphire emerald cut 3 stone engagement ring

    15. Green-Yellow Bi-Color Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring

    Heart shaped stones are having a moment but have you ever seen an emerald cut sapphire with a natural heart shaped light reflection?? Truly one-of-a-kind, this is the kind of unforgettable stone we love to discover for our custom clients.

    16. Teal Radiant Cut Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    The princess of Pinterest, this teal green dream is oceanside bliss you can't miss. With a tahiti-water level of clarity, you'll get lost in her dreamy depths. High quality trillion diamonds + golden double claw prongs finish off this tantalizingly tropical trio.

    17. Oval Cut Green Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    This regal ring centers around a deep green oval cut sapphire and is made even more aesthetic with contrasting white round brilliant diamonds on either side. If you can't decide between diamonds and sapphires, the answer is simple - don't choose, have it all!

    18. Green Emerald Cut Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    Showcasing the endless iterations for 3 stone rings, this square emerald cut green sapphire is made even more satisfyingly symmetric with meticulously matched kite diamond sides that pick up the brightest light in that deep green stone.

    teal sapphire and diamond 3 stone engagement ring

    19. Teal Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    Channelling their inner peacock, this teal sapphire and white diamond trio is strutting their strutter with the most vibrant adriatic sea tones, satiating symmetry, and 6 baby claw gold prongs.

    20. Hexagon Cut Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    Picture-perfect proof that 3 stone engagement rings can be anything but expected. With an opalescent white hexagon cut sapphire at the center and bright blue sapphire sides, she's simply sublime.

    21. Blue-Grey Hexagon Cut Spinel Three Stone Ring

    Turns out trois blue-grey hexagon cut spinels is tres tempting. While most 3 stone rings feature a noticeably larger center stone, you can see the magic that breaking convention can make.

    22. Bi-Color Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    A ring we'll never forget and an enticing example of the sort of one-of-a-kind stone we love to score for our custom clients. We paired this incredible blue-pink bi-color sapphire with sparkling white trillion diamond sides and finished this tasty treat with buttery golden double claw prongs.

    23. Emerald Cut Pink-Purple Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    If you're a GB gal, you know we've been channeling barbiecore since the very beginning and there's no shade of pink we haven't seen and made into a ring. This light pink sapphire is one of our faves and it's easy to see why: pastel purple-pink + bright white trillion diamonds = pure perfection.

    24. Emerald Cut Pink-Purple Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

    If you can't decide between purple and pink, obviously you pick both! Defying all convention, we paired a deep purple emerald cut sapphire with candy pink kite sapphires for a confectionary delight that's sure to entice your appetite. Double claw prongs add a dose of sophistication to this sweet treat.

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