24 Vintage Engagement Rings Made Today

    Vibing with vintage engagement rings? Awestruck by art deco designs and antique engagement rings? We hear you! We're here with all the vintage style engagement rings to transport you back to the romance and magic of times gone by. Like true antique rings, each of these is one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans. Alexa, cue the smoky jazz beats.

    In this list, you'll find many of our custom ring designs plus one-of-a-kind diamond rings from our curated list of independent designers and from our in-house line, Made By Gem Breakfast. If something strikes your fancy, book a free virtual consultation and we can chat about recreating that recipe with a made-for-you twist or we can start completely anew!

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    vintage engagement rings

    emerald cut salt and pepper diamond ring

    1. Emerald Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    The big mama, the star of the show, the positively gasp-inducing ring of your vintage engagement ring dreams. With an incredible emerald rose cut salt and pepper diamond at the center, the most ornate hand-detailed milgrain, a holy halo of rose cut diamonds, and those striking pops of hand-applied black enamel, the town crier would be a-crying over this ring.


    2. Oval Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    With a romantic rose cut diamond and flowering diamond-encrusted gold petals surrounding, she's giving all the unapoletically opulent energy of times gone by. A nod to Edwardian Era engagement rings, she's the epitome of glamour, and crafted by hand just as she would've been then. A true retro era work of aristocratic art in yellow gold.

    icy round rose cut diamond ring

    3. Icy Round Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    Giving antique ice queen energy, this ring stuns with the most ethereal icy rose cut diamond surounded by a glittering halo of bright white diamonds. Made to sparkle by candlelight, this ring sings of a simpler sentimental world where jackets were placed across puddles and after-dinner bourbon was served in the salon. She's spanning time and space with that diamond face.

    Round Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    4. Round Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    She's the crystal ball under the travelling big top, dancing under the shifting lights, with the reflections of sun and moons in her eyes. With the most fantastically faceted rose cut diamond, and incredibly intricate engraving throughout the wide statement band, she's the cosmic queen of vintage engagement rings.  

    round rose cut diamond vintage engagement ring

    5. Round Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    In true art deco artistry, this ring has all the geometric, patterned perfection that can't help but induce awe. A gleaming rose cut diamond at the center and a golden wheel of round brilliant diamonds surrounding, plus a delicious dose of artfully set baguettes set the tone that feels perfectly Parisian circa 1920. Raise a glass to a ring with all the class.

    rose cut salt and pepper diamond ring

    6. Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    A delicous diamond garden, this ring features an engimatic rose cut salt and pepper diamond at its center and flowering marquise diamond leaves raising like vines along the sides of the band. If you're looking for authentic vintage vibes made modern, she's giving ornate antiqueness in all the right, one-of-a-kind ways.

    hexagon cut diamond ring

    7. Hexagon Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    Dance to a big band quartet and sip champagne in Bordeaux with a ring worthy of all the flapper tassels. Gaze upon the most magical rose cut salt and pepper hexagon diamond contrasted with a geometric halo of sparkling white diamonds and the most marvellous golden claw prongs.

    icy opalescent rose cut diamond oval diamond ring

    8. Icy Opalescent Rose Cut Oval Diamond Ring

    Minimalistic vintage style engagement ring perfection. A glowing rose cut oval diamond, horizontal pear shaped diamond sides, and the most perfectly placed six golden claw prongs add interest and intricacy to an otherwise simple yet sleek diamond solitaire design.

    white round brilliant cut diamond ring

    9. White Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

    Release all convention with a one-of-a-kind ring that is nothing short of extraordinary. With a gleaming round brilliant diamond set in a golden diamond-shaped milgrain backdrop and the most ornate hand-engraved band you've ever seen, she's transcendant - there's just no in-between.


    10. Champagne Pear Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    We're serving Great Gatsby royalty with this one-of-a-kind creation. A dazzling pear shaped rose cut diamond is nestled against a throne-worthy crown of kite, pear and tapered baguette diamond fireworks. This is a ring you won't see twice.

    oval rose cut diamond ring with matching wedding band

    11. Oval Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    Vintage engagement rings feel romantic, ethereal, and delicously detailed, and this ring understood the assignment. A rose cut oval diamond with a galaxy inside is framed by 6 shimmering round brilliant diamonds in hand-applied milgrain frames.

    champagne old mine cut diamond ring

    12. Champagne Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring

    A fantastical fusion of an antique diamond and a minimalistic modern setting. A golden champagne old mine cut diamond shines its brightest in a double claw solitaire setting with hidden bespoke basket details for effortless interest from every angle.

    blue bi color emerald cut sapphire ring

    13. Blue Bi-Color Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring

    The ring on so many Christmas lists, this art-deco inspired work of art will haunt your gem-obsessed dreams. The most spectacular bi-color blue and white emerald cut sapphire is accompanied by sky blue sapphires and white diamond baguettes for a painted-by-nature energy you have to see to believe.  

    lavender pear cut sapphire ring

    14. Lavender Pear Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring

    Vintage teardrop perfection found with this delightfully delicate statement ring. A lavender pear cut sapphire is surrounded by a halo of hand-set diamonds framed in romantic milgrain detail. Paired with a magical milgrain thin gold band, it's everything a vintage loving lady could ask for.

    Blue Oval Cut Sapphire Ring

    15. Blue Oval Cut Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo

    A ring that deserves to be seen, this vibrant blue sapphire ring is fit for a queen. The most saturated sapphire is placed in a lavish baroque setting with 1.24 carats of sparkling white diamonds to cushion its fabulosity. Two claw prongs finish the design that you need in your life.

    emerald cut sapphire ring with diamond baguette sides

    16. Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring

    The sleekest, chicest vintage art deco inspired engagement ring. A towering green emerald cut sapphire stands tall alongside a double staircase of white diamond baguettes for an unabashedly elegant effect. If you couldn't already tell, we're obsessed.

    green oval cut tourmaline ring

    17. Green Oval Cut Tourmaline Ring

    This ring feels like cocktails on the sprawling lawn of your grandmother's multi-acre estate - an effortlessly quiet luxury ring if we've ever seen one. A money-green oval cut tourmaline sits between two round brilliant diamonds in hand-crafted milgrain shoulders.

    blue green oval cut tourmaline ring

    18. Blue-Green Oval Cut Tourmaline Ring

    A deeply saturated blue-green tourmaline is flanked by dreamy color-changing alexanderites and finished with sharp compass set prongs for a fortune-teller-after-dark effect that exudes pure magic. Just over here in my green dream era.

    rose cut salt and pepper diamond ring

    19. Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    This ring strikes a just right balance between incredibly ornate and forever classic. A moody salt and pepper diamond is surrounded by hand-applied milgrain and both rose cut and round brilliant diamonds. With delicious details to discover from every angle, she's a gift that just keeps on giving.


    20. Peach
    Rose Cut
    Diamond Ring

    A vintage inspired engagement ring delicacy, this one-of-a-kind design showcases a rare peach rose cut diamond with a distinctive hexagon shaped, milgrain halo and ornate, hand-crafted details on the shoulders, basket, and band. No detail was spared with this heirloom-worthy diamond ring.  

    champagne diamond rose cut ring

    21. Champagne Diamond
    Rose Cut Ring

    Giving antique golden compass vibes with the most shimmering multifaceted rose cut champage diamond, compass set diamond encrusted prongs, and a gleaming milgrain halo. Finished with an ornately hand-engraved golden band for a 19th century energy that is the stuff of dreams.

    salt and pepper hexagon rose cut diamond ring

    22. Salt and Pepper Hexagon Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    Art deco architecture made into the most awe-inspiring ring. A smoky hexagon salt and pepper diamond is framed by a solid gold fan adorned with hand-applied milgrain details for a museum-worthy design that's simply divine.

    dark champagne rose cut diamond ring

    23. Dark Champagne Rose Cut Diamond

    The sweetest rose cut diamond ring giving accidental steampunk vibes with its delightfully domed rose cut champagne diamond and a glittering pair of white round brilliant side diamonds. You can't help but be fascinated by those facets.

    black rose cut diamond ring with white diamond halo

    24. Black Rose Cut Diamond Ring with White Diamond Halo

    Our pulse picks up just looking at this piece of perfection. A rose cut black diamond sits inside a buttery gold bezel and a striking diamond halo for the most satisfying contrast this world has ever seen. It might be even more electrifying in white gold!

    Your vintage engagement ring questions answered

    What is considered a vintage engagement ring?

    In general 'vintage' is anything 20 years or older, and 'antique' is anything 100 years or older. In the engagement ring world, vintage can also refer to a style of engagement ring that nods to designs from the past - these rings will be called "vintage style engagement rings' or 'vintage inspired engagement rings'.

    Why are vintage engagement rings so cheap?

    True vintage jewelry prices vary widely - it all depends on the quality and size of the stones, the craftmanship, and how in-demand that era of jewelry is at the moment. The higher the demand, the higher the price. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are about creating that vintage aesthetic with materials sourced today.

    What was Princess Diana's engagement ring?

    Princess Diana's engagement ring was a white gold halo design with a 12-carat oval cut blue ceylon sapphire in the center and 14 diamonds surrounding it.

    Why choose a vintage engagement ring?

    A vintage or vintage inspired engagement ring gives a nod to the romance and intricacy of times gone by. These designs are usually ultra-ornate with thoughtful details all throughout. The craftmanship is especially important to create a vintage inspired engagement ring that rivals the designs made many years ago.

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