21 Tantalizingly Unique Green & Pink Tourmaline Rings

    Serving up a fruit salad of hues, the tourmaline, fondly known as the 'watermelon gem', comes in every color of the rainbow, but it's most beloved for its bright pinks/reds and it's punchy bright greens. And what about those bi-colored tourmalines that melds the two for true watermelon energy? Yes, we've got those too.

    Whether you love a subtle pastel moment or a blindingly bright super saturated vibe, tourmaline spoils you for choice. It has a palette for every palate, no matter how picky.

    Getting a little tourmaline-tempted yet? Indulge yourself and browse through 21 of our favorite, one-of-a-kind, irresistibly unique tourmaline rings! Every color, tone, and hue under the sun awaits you.

    21 Tantalizingly Unique Green & Pink Tourmaline Rings

    21 Tantalizingly Unique Tourmaline Rings

    1. Green Oval Cut Tourmaline Three Stone Ring

    A tantalizing trio of deeply saturated green oval tourmalines set in a chic, simple three stone setting to let those gems shine their brighest. The regal, deep green is made even more eleganza against the buttery yellow gold prongs.

    2. Blue-Green
    Oval Cut
    Tourmaline Ring

    Pure tourmaline magic. Sharp compass set prongs create a cosmic, twinkling energy and paired with the contrasting side stones, it's giving night-at-sea, under the stars energy. For the soul who recognizes the magic found in nature.

    3. Teal 3 Stone Marquise Cut Tourmaline Ring

    A delicous rich teal tourmaline in thrice. It's giving effortless cool girl, vintage magic, and atop-the-throne energy all at once with its simple setting and flawlessly cut trio of tourmalines. Add some subtle infinity symbols and we're in.

    Green Emerald Cut Tourmaline Ring

    4. Green Emerald Cut Tourmaline Ring

    If a gem could be a jollyrancher, this emerald cut green tourmaline is it. With a rainforest-green color and captivating color variations throughout, this is a stone that screams center stage.

    5. Green Pear
    Cut Tourmaline Ring

    Simple pear perfection. This intensely saturated, crystal clear green pear tourmaline shines its brightest in our signature Stella setting with delicate mini claw prongs and a thin gold band.

    6. Green Emerald Cut Tourmaline Ring

    A ring that sparkles and shines in every light. An intense, electric green tourmaline is contrasted with high-quality tapered baguette diamond sides for a serious statement-making moment.

    7. Green Oval
    Cut Tourmaline Ring

    Old money opulence! A rich, mid-green tourmaline is set in a vintage inspired bezel setting with milgrain diamond sides for an effortless heirlom ring appeal that screams stealth wealth.

    8. Green Cushion Cut Tourmaline Ring

    Deep dark emerald green drama encased in a haughty hug of six gleaming golden claw prongs for a solitaire setting that makes a statement in the most deliciously understated fashion.

    9. Tourmaline & Diamond Tiara Band

    The most awe-inducing tiara band we ever did see! A glistening mint green carre cut tourmaline sits atop a towering sweep of mixed cut diamonds for a headdress that owns being extra.

    Light Green Heart Cut Tourmaline Ring

    10. Light Green Heart Cut Tourmaline Ring

    How to give a heart ring an it girl twist? Pair an olive green tourmaline with button and v shaped prongs, a couple high quality diamonds, and wrap it all in a buttery, gleaming gold setting. Wear your heart on your finger.

    11. Light Green Oval Cut Tourmaline Ring

    More is absolutely more with this 4 carat yellow-green tourmaline nestled between two bright trillion cut diamond sides. With the most captivating facet pattern, she glistens and gleams and shifts her minty color in every light.

    12. Light Green Cushion Cut Tourmaline Ring

    An ethereal tourmaline dream. With a mystical opalescent green tourmaline at the center, green kite cut sapphires on the sides, and dramatic double claw prongs to finish, she's an after-dinner treat we're definitely saving room for.

    Light Green Hexagon Cut Tourmaline Ring

    13. Light Green Hexagon Cut Tourmaline Ring

    For the queen who defies common convention, this hexagon shaped light green tourmaline ring is singing your soul song. With sharp golden claw prongs accentuating every angle, it says sacred geometry with a witty wink.

    14. Red Emerald
    Cut Tourmaline

    The juiciest red jollyrancher and the shiniest red candy apple, this rich, red tourmaline needs no distractions. She's set in a chic, simple bezel setting with a flat gold band for the uninterrupted red gem moment she deserves.

    15. Pink Oval Tourmaline and Sapphire Ring

    See the world through rose colored glasses with this vibrant pink tourmaline and soft pink sapphire ring. It's giving pink lemonade on the beach at sunset energy and we are here for it. Cheers to a sunlit sangria shine all day and night.  

    16. Three Stone Pink Tourmaline Ring

    Three times the romance with this trio of pink oval cut tourmalines that flash yellow in that just-right light. A bestselling setting for a reason, this three stone arrangement pairs chic simplicity with more-is-more size for a design that's your wallet's demise.

    Pink Cushion Cut Tourmaline Ring pear cut sapphire ring

    17. Pink Cushion Cut Tourmaline Ring

    A vintage inspired dream. A cushion cut pink tourmaline sits center stage inside a glowing frame of white rose cut diamonds for a halo ring that's anything but ordinary and feels as timeless as it is irresistibly unique. Finished in rose gold for can't-stop romance.

    Pink Tourmaline and Sapphire Ring

    18. Pink Tourmaline and Sapphire Ring

    Embrace your inner flamingo with this achingly aesthetic pink tourmaline and sapphire ring. With a vibrant pink tourmaline at the center, pear shaped pink sapphires at the sides, and a delicious dose of milgrain, she collects compliments from every angle.

    19. Pink Cushion
    Cut Tourmaline

    Live in a daydream all day long with this romantic pink dream. With a rare antique cushion cut pink tourmaline at the center, high quality white epaulette diamond sides, and our signature idyllic Peach Gold, she's a whimsical work of art.

    20. Red Asscher
    Cut Tourmaline

    As deep as the richest red ruby, this red asscher cut tourmaline ring says poison apple in the most alluring and irrestible way. Toss in some intricate vintage inspired details and champage diamond accents, and we're taking a big bite.

    21. Emerald Cut Red Rubellite Tourmaline Ring

    One of the rarest tourmaline types, this red rubellite tourmaline is giving Flawless Perfection Barbie who's only job is to be the most aesthetic, perfectly cut, hot pink gem in Barbie Land. Oh, and just a casual 4 rows of multi-colored diamonds to round it all off.

    See something you like? Let us recreate that design with a made-for-you twist and a one-of-a-kind stone. Sit down for a free virtual consultation whenever the mood strikes. Shop all our in-stock and made to order tourmaline engagement rings here or fill out the form below to create your own custom tourmaline ring design!


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