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    21 Unique Cluster Rings and Asymmetrical Engagement Rings

    Courting a diamond cluster ring or asymmetrical engagement ring? We got you! We're here with all the delectably unique cluster engagement rings and just-because cluster rings to awaken your asymmetrical ring dreams!

    In this list, you'll find many of our custom creations plus one-of-a-kind designs from our roster of independant designers and from our in-house line, Made By Gem Breakfast. If you see something you love, book a free virtual consultation and we can chat about recreating that recipe with a just-for-you twist or we can start completely from scratch!

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    21 unique cluster rings and assymetrical engagement rings

    1. Sapphire and Salt and Pepper Diamond Cluster Ring

    One of our most viral custom rings, this design is a can't-look-away buffet. A salt and pepper diamond, blue sapphires, and white diamonds come together to create the most showstopping, never-before-seen cluster ring of your dreams.

    2. Blue Opalescent Sapphire Asymmetrical Ring

    It's giving tropical ocean with crashing surf vibes and we're ready to ride the waves. This incredible blue sapphire is surrounded by white cap waves of brilliant white diamonds in the most satisfying asymmetrical arrangement.

    3. Geometric Custom Cut White Sapphire with Matte Finish

    Can you say sacred geometry! This OOAK cluster ring showcases the sassiest custom cut geometric white sapphires in the most hypnotic setting. A showstopping ring you won't see twice in this life, unless of course you ask us nice ;)

    purple sapphire cluster ring

    4. Purple Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

    You'll go back for seconds with this bountiful buffet of white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, and the most mermaidcore purple pear shaped sapphire this world has even seen.

    5. Purple Spinel and Diamond Cluster Ring

    Dive into the ether with this otherworldy cluster ring. An ethereal purple spinel is framed with sparkling round brilliant, pear cut, and tapered baguette white diamonds for all the shooting star vibes.

    6. Purple Opalescent Sapphire Ring

    Dream a little gemstone dream with this mystical opalescent purple sapphire and diamond asymmetrical cluster ring. A whimsical confection with a perfectly balanced palette.

    7. Bi-Color Sapphire Toi et Moi Ring

    An asymmetrical toi et moi design made unforgettable with two truly mesmerizing bi-color sapphires set slightly askew. Finished in buttery yellow gold, yes please.

    8. Teal Lozenge Cut Sapphire Ring

    Claim your crown with this rare teal lozenge cut sapphire topped with a dramatic tiara of black rose cut diamonds. She's giving under-the-sea queen in all the right ways.

    9. Light Teal Sapphire Ring

    A diamond crown fit for an ocean blue sapphire queen. A watercolor-esque light teal sapphire is serving face with an epic tiara to bring out the blue in her eyes.

    pink moon round brilliant cut sapphire cluster ring

    10. Asymmetrical Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

    The brighest barbiecore pink sapphire you ever did see is made even more mattel with a firework display of white diamonds and pink sapphires for a saccharine treat that just can't be beat.

    11. Pink Rose Cut Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

    If sapphires were edible, we'd feast on this candy pink rose cut pink pear sapphire every day of the week. Add in a fan of bright white diamonds placed just so for a look that's perfection from tip to toe.

    pink sapphire toi et moi ring

    12. Pink Sapphire Asymmetrical Toi et Moi Ring

    Like two scoops of your favorite strawberry ice cream, this brilliant pink sapphire toi et moi confection is just the right amount of sweet for a mid-afternoon treat. Spoil your appetite with this sugary sapphire bite.

    13. Garnet, Opal, and Diamond Cluster Ring

    A cluster ring worthy of royalty. An otherwordly blood red garnet, a dreamy opal, a sparkling white diamond, and a luxe rough purple sapphire come together to create the most delicious contrast of colors, textures, shapes, and finishes that we truly cannot resist.

    ruby and spinel toi et moi ring

    14. Ruby, Spinel & Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

    Indulge your imagination with this fiery gumdrop gemstone ring. A bright peach cushion cut spinel sits alongside a deeply saturated oval cut ruby for a seriously striking statement that's made even more lavish with two generous helpings of sparkling white diamonds.

    orange sapphire cluster ring

    15. Orange Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring

    Orange is the new white and sapphires are the new diamonds. And this one, is a true citrus delight with a deeply saturated orange radiant cut sapphire and a sprinkling of artfully arranged white brilliant diamonds. She's saying sherbert at sunset and we're here for it.

    16. Champagne Diamond Cluster Ring

    The fireworks of diamond rings, this one-of-a-kind cluster ring has accrued fans the world over. A trillion champagne diamond is paired with salt and pepper diamonds and two art deco fans of asymmetrical white baguette diamonds for a ring that gives #moreismore a whole new meaning.

    17. Champagne Diamond Cluster Ring

    The perfect golden sunshine treat to brighten your life. A gleaming champagne diamond is pure joy in gemstone form, especially when topped with a glittering crown of bright white diamonds. Finished in buttery yellow gold and the most delicate button prongs, it's your Dr. recommended dose of vitamin D.

    18. Champagne Diamond Cluster Ring

    A toast-worthy round brilliant golden champagne diamond is nestled between two helpings of high-quality round brilliant white diamonds for an asymmetrical diamond cluster ring that's a satisfyingly salty yet sweet treat. And we always says yes to diamonds for desert.

    19. Mixed Diamond Cluster Ring

    The contrast queen, this OOAK diamond cluster ring combines white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, and the sassiest sapphire in every shape under the sun for a can't-look-away arrangement that feels like a feast. Add in a mixture of bezel and prong settings plus every tone from light to dark and you've got an eyeful in all the right ways.

    20. Dual Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

    Take toi et moi to a different dimension with a cool toned creation that may spark elation. An elongated hexagon shaped white diamond shines its brightest next to an enigmatic bi-color sapphire for a climactic play of light and dark you didn't know you needed. Finished in white gold to complete the icy illusion.

    21. Salt and Pepper Diamond Cluster Ring

    The ring who's song has been sung around the world. Bet you're lusting after some star shaped diamonds now, aren't you ;) We contrasted a night sky salt and pepper pear diamond with the brightest white star diamonds and a sprinkling of salt and peppers for a starry night design that will make you wish upon a star tonight.

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