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    Rose Cut Diamond Size Chart: Convert Carat to MM

    If you love vintage jewelry and will only settle for a one-of-a-kind diamond you'd never find at a big-box jeweler, a rose cut diamond may just be your soul match. Cut to sparkle by candlelight, rose cut diamonds have fewer, but larger facets that create the most ethereal shine for lovers of rarity and romance.

    But rose cut diamonds don't just twinkle with an otherworldly glow, they appear significantly larger than their brilliant cut cousins. Intrigued? Keep scrolling for our rose cut diamond size chart, converting popular carat weights into millimeter measurements.

    And if you're on the hunt for brilliant cut sizes, our blog has you covered with the carat-to-mm conversions for every shape.

    Your rose cut diamond questions answered

    How big is a rose cut diamond carat?

    A one carat round rose cut diamond usually falls between 7 x 7 mm to 7.5 x 7.5 mm depending on the cut. Keep in mind though, rose cut diamonds are less standardized than brilliant cut diamonds thanks to their flat bottom and domed top, so there's more size variation. Two one carat rose cut diamonds can have very different diameters depending on the way they're cut.

    Browse our rose cut diamond size chart to see approximate carat to mm conversions for the most popular carat weights.

    rose cut diamond ring

    Do rose cut diamonds look bigger?

    Yes! Thanks to their flat base, rose cut diamonds look significantly larger than brilliant cut diamonds. Brilliant cuts, while shamelessly sparkly, hold a lot of their weight in the base of the diamond (where you can't see it). Rose cut diamonds, however, hold all of their weight on the top of the diamond, resulting in a much larger-looking stone from the top view. In some cases, a rose cut diamond looks the same size as a brilliant cut diamond that’s twice its carat weight.

    Take a peek at the photo below: a 1.23-carat round rose cut diamond is significantly spreadier than a 1.23-carat round brilliant cut diamond. Remember, carat weight measures weight, not size, and it's not a linear scale—a two-carat stone isn’t twice as large as a one-carat stone.

    Keep in mind, not all rose cut diamonds are created equally - quality rose cut diamonds will be symmetrical, have aesthetic proportions and eye-clean clarity, plus an excellent cut that maximizes shine and visible size. For a deep dive into choosing the perfect rose cut diamond, read our Complete Guide to Rose Cut Diamonds.

    How to get the largest looking rose cut diamond

    Want a larger diameter? Go for a lower domed rose cut diamond. Prefer height? Choose a higher domed diamond. For the best of both worlds, select a diamond with a balanced dome—a perfect Goldilocks fit! Remember, higher domed stones sparkle more but are less durable, while lower domed stones offer extra durability but less sparkle.

    For more tips on choosing the largest-looking diamond, read our blog.

    Are rose cut diamonds more expensive?

    Surprisingly, no!Rose cut diamonds are cheaper per carat than brilliant cut diamonds. Also, because more of their carat weight is on top, you get more visible diamond for your dollar.

    So, if you're a size queen on a budget, a rose cut diamond is the perfect see-from-space, unique option to spice up your diamond dreams.

    What shapes do rose cut diamonds come in?

    Whether you love a round shape or a more avant garde geometric shape, rose cut diamonds deliver with literally every shape under the sun from oval and pear to hexagon, shield, and all the other shapes in between. And ditto with diamond color - rose cut diamonds look stunning as classic white diamonds, champagne diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, and salt and pepper diamonds alike. She's so not your neighbour's diamond.

    Are rose cut diamonds more breakable than brilliant cut diamonds?

    No, rose cut diamonds are just as durable as traditional brilliant cut diamonds. Rated a 10 on the Moh's hardness scale, they're perfect for everyday wear and will last a lifetime (or more likely several).

    Rose cut diamond size chart

    round rose cut diamonds size chart

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