15 Solid Gold Unique Mens Wedding Bands

    Here's the thing: men have been stuck with boring, lackluster, predictable wedding ring designs for way too long. It's time for a new era where men get to rock a wedding ring they positively love, that feels like them, and that they can't stop staring at. Men deserve to get that heart-racing, eyes-lit-up moment of excitment when they see their incredibly special wedding band made just for them.

    In this list, you'll find a few of our bestselling made-to-order unique mens wedding bands and a few completely custom creations.
    Keep in mind, any of our made-to-order rings can be customized just for you and we also LOVE making you a custom ring from scratch. You tell us what’s he’s like and what he likes, and we’ll dream up a design with you that feels like him in ring form, something he’s excited to wear every day for the rest of time! Book a free virtual consultation and we can chat about recreating any of these recipes with a made-for-him twist or we can start completely anew!

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    15 unique solid gold mens wedding bands

    Our 15 Favorite Mens Wedding Bands

    1. Gold Star Engraved Diamond Mens Wedding Band

    Say goodbye to the boring, personality-less mens wedding bands of yesteryear and hello to the diamond encrusted, hand-engraved cosmic creations of today. Inspired by a starry night sky and a glittering full moon, gift this to the man who appreciates the details and likes a little bit extra in his aesthetic.

    green sapphire mens wedding ring

    2. Star Engraved Green Sapphire Mens Wedding Band

    Custom made for Joel, the hubby of Alyssa, our longest-running (and first ever) employee, this is the unforgettable ring that marked his initiation into the world of jewelry lovers. Hand engraved with stars and constellations and finished with a gleaming emerald cut green sapphire, THIS is a men's wedding ring fit for a king.

    3. 6mm Star Engraved Gold Mens Wedding Band

    The ultra-thick version of our bestselling orion band, this ring shines in its meticulously crafted details. With squared edges and artfully hand-engraved stars both near and far, this buttery solid gold mens wedding band is original yet timeless in its sophisticated simplicity and impresssive craftmanship.

    4. Mountain Engraved Mens Wedding Band

    For the mountain-loving man, a hand-engraved wedding band that pays homage to his favorite place. What better way to honor what's uniquely him than to engrave it on his wear-everyday wedding ring. Customize with his favorite mountain range(s) for a ring that captures happy memories.

    mountains and stars mens wedding band

    5. Mountains and Stars Mens Wedding Band

    Can you tell we love our nature-inspired rings? There's just something about the outdoors that conveys magic, possibility, and connection. This custom design features a mountain range topped with stars big and small for a stargazing night among the peaks kind of treat.

    Mountains and Trees Mens Wedding Band

    6. Mountains and Trees Mens Wedding Band

    Maybe he's a hiker, a skier, or just an outdoor-loving gentleman. This custom ring captures the towering peaks, those delicious smelling evergreens, and a sparkling black diamond moon for a serene scene that will bring him peace whenever he looks down at your thoughtful symbol of commitment.

    7. 4mm Starbust Engraved Gold Mens Wedding Band

    Art deco inspired, this ring is an understated yet intricately detailed design for the man who appreciates the details. With hand-engraved stars and geometric line work, it's endlessly interesting from every angle and timelessly stylish. I mean, can you say dapper?!

    8. To The Moon & Back Engraved Gold Mens Wedding Band

    A hand-engraved sentiment to seal your union, this band spells 'to the moon and back' in stunning gothic style lettering. A special reminder of your love for them worn right on their finger. Have a different sentiment in mind? We can hand-engrave any words you like!

    9. 4mm Follow Your Heart Engraved Mens Wedding Band

    Hand-engraved arrows point to his unique personal destiny, of which you're an integral part. Opposite pointing arrows then come together to create a joined diamond shape in which both separate parts are whole on their own and yet together create something special.

    10. 6mm Gold Mens Wedding Band

    If he prefers more streamlined minimalistic designs, do it right with a rounded comfort fit ring in the butteriest of solid gold with a gleaming polished finish. Understated luxury defined.

    11. Dolphin Engraved Gold Band

    For the surfers, paddlers, and ocean afficianados, hand-engraved swells and a diving dolphin underneath a glittering diamond moon. Put their happy place on their finger and brighten their everyday.

    12. 4mm Gold Mens Wedding Band

    A classic design done just right with a rounded comfort fit and hand-crafted in his choice of gold. Polished to a high shine and impeccably crafted, there's perfection in simplicity.

    13. Art Deco Gold Wedding Bands

    Custom made for a stylish duo, these art deco inspired wedding bands compliment each other with their own distinctive details. Hand-engraved geometric lines and shapes tell a story that's both aesthetic and symbolic. The ancient runes created just for you.

    14. Stargazer Engraved Mens Wedding Band

    With hand-engraved stars, planets, and a sprawling sun, this is for the man who loves the sky - day or night. Whether he loves camping under the stars, soaking up the sun's rays, or contemplating his place in the universe, it's a truly unique ring he'll never tire of.

    15. Gold Star Engraved Wedding Bands

    Custom made star rings created for a sky-loving duo. With hand-engraved stars both near and far, these rounded solid gold comfort fit bands tell a story of their connection - complimenting each other in both their shared similarities and individual uniqueness.

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