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    Meet the Salt & Pepper Diamond Color Chart

    Gem Breakfast Salt & Pepper Color Chart


    What are salt & pepper diamonds?

    Salt and pepper diamonds are natural, earth mined diamonds that simply have a higher number of inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. None of our salt & pepper diamonds have been treated, just formed for millions of years by Mother Nature to be perfectly imperfect!

    Why are there so many different variations? 

    Since all diamonds are made from carbon, the black spots are pieces of carbon that didn’t fully crystallize during the diamond's formation. Salt and pepper diamonds just have a greater amount of them! Because Mother Nature is so unpredicable, some diamonds have a light speckaling, and others have A LOT! Take the beauty mark diamonds for example, they tend to have a larger than average carbon spot surrounded by smaller inclusions. Others have an equal amount of white and black inclusions giving a more blanket grey hue, and we especially love the ones with mostly white inclusions that look like ice!


    Salt & Pepper Diamonds


    For custom orders, do we get to choose the level of salt & pepper in the stone?

    Yes! That is why we made this nifty chart! There is no such thing as a standard salt & pepper diamond, so we want you to feel well informed, and in love, with the style and degree of inclusions in your ring.

    Where do you source your salt & pepper diamonds from?

    We source the bulk of our salt & pepper stones from Misfit Diamonds! They are an original partner of Gem Breakfast and source all their gemstones through UN approved Kimberly Process channels. Additionally, they handpick every stone to ensure the highest quality. You can browse all their loose salt & pepper stones on our website to see their vast array of inventory.

    Didn't find something you love in stock? We have a whole network of diamond dealers that we can work with to source your perfect stone!


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