Gem Breakfast Team Picks for Holiday Proposals

    Whether you're slipping a ring box under the tree, popping the question while popping New Year's bottles, or proclaiming your love by a festive fire, the holidays are a magical, memorable time to propose. And 2020 is no exception - I mean, we all need an injection of joy right about now, #amirite?!

    So, to help narrow your search, we've combed through our one-of-a-kind ring selection and picked out our personal proposal faves for the woman you can't wait to wed. P.S. make sure to place your non-resizing orders by 12/17 to ensure Xmas delivery!

    Alyssa's favorites

    Marketing Associate

    This is the first salt & pepper Mirella we’ve made for the site and it’s a special one. It’s the perfect mixture of a classic silhouette with an alternative center stone and sparkling white side diamonds. It’s a little different but not off the rails – it feels very now.  

    I see this on an elegant woman, someone with elevated tastes that appreciates an unexpected twist.

    This is very similar to a custom ring I created with Gem Breakfast, so obviously I love it! It’s an over 1.5 carat sapphire – a sizeable stone that looks so ethereal when framed by those high-quality trillion cut side stones. It’s made in Peach Gold ® which is exclusive to GB, and how cool is that? You can tell your fiancé she has a gold created and used by only one jeweler in the world! Talk about unique.

    I see this on an effortless girl – it’s easy to wear, very sparkly and classy, yet deliciously different. It shifts with the light so it’ll adapt to ever-changing surroundings, which she’ll love.

    I love a good elongated pear and I’m all about champagne stones - it’s the perfect combination of color and shape for the most visually interesting ring. I love all the hand-engraved details – they set the ring apart from any other design and it feels very exclusive. The bezel setting allows so much light through the bottom which makes it look even more sparkly.

    I see this ring on an artist or someone who works with their hands – a creator of some kind. Someone more on the feminine side but not quite a bonafide girly girl.

    Ashley's favorites


    This is such a cool one-of-a-kind ring! Between the shape, the multicolored side stones, and that gorg teal spinel set east-west instead of north-south, it’s super special. I love the mixture of stone shapes and colors – from the grey rose cut trillions, to the olive green, yellow, and dark green diamonds, and that show-stopping emerald cut spinel. This ring feels wintery somehow – the perfect holiday engagement ring for the alternative girl that wants something truly unique.

    This is definitely a cool girl alternative ring. She’s not super girly - maybe a city girl who wears black; an artist or a creative.

    This 4-carat seafoam green tourmaline is truly amazing – oval cut tourmalines are very hard to find (especially of this quality) because of how tourmalines form in the earth. It’s a classic design with a truly amazing stone. This ring feels very luxe, very blingy, and almost regal - definitely worthy of an engagement.

    This one’s for the woman who loves sparkle, who wants a serious statement ring but with an unexpected twist.

    At 2.27 carats, this is a serious diamond! The icey inclusions feel wintery and create a glow that feels like a super white diamond but with a hint of uniqueness. Combined with that beautiful milgrain and 6 prongs, it’s a lot of look for the price. It feels like an ice princess ring - the perfect marriage of girly girl meets cool.

    I see this ring on a feminine woman - someone with classic tastes, a hint of edge, and a love of sparkle.

    Catherine's favorites


    The halo gives this ring a vintage feel, yet it’s still so modern and cool with the kite shape and rotated princess cuts on the four corners. And that oval cut sapphire is insane – it shifts from teal to cerulean blue – you truly can’t stop staring at it. It’s stackable so she can change the feel of the ring whenever she feels like it!  

    I see this on a woman who truly loves jewelry – she appreciates vintage elements, notices details, and wears what she loves – regardless of trends.

    How can you not love this pale pink spinel? It’s ridiculously stunning, so unique, and framed by those rotated princess cut diamonds, it screams one-of-a-kind. Spinel is such a special stone – its color shifts slightly in every light, making it feel like many different stones in one.  

    I picture Vivienne on a super feminine woman – she loves pink, never says no to rosé, and even her loungewear is pretty.

    A gorgeously feminine, yet oh so cool alternative design, this would be a beautiful engagement ring for the girl who loves a delicate feel, yet wants to stand apart. The leaf details are like nothing I’ve ever seen, and that rose cut diamond gives off a candlelit, super romantic feel. At 1.37 carats, it’s a statement-making center stone than anyone would be excited to show off.

    I see this on an artistic, creative woman – someone who feels their best in nature and never misses a thoughtfully placed detail.

    Ana's favorites


    I love blue and green gemstones – my own engagement ring is turquoise and its perfection to me. This ring has my beloved blues and greens in the amazing center stone, the hand-applied enamel, and those little accents stones. The leaf details create the most beautiful, delicate, feminine flower feel despite it being such a chunky ring. It nods to nature, but still feels modern and elevated.  

    I see this on someone feminine and elegant that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

    I love rough stones – I always gravitate towards them for their natural, organic feel. When a rough imperfect stone is contrasted with a shiny perfect setting – that combo is so beautiful to me. This ring reminds me of the look of linen and the feel of water.

    I see this ring on a woman who’s very in tune with nature, that lives an organic lifestyle and loves the unconventional.

    I love the beautiful imperfection and uniqueness of salt and pepper stones. This one is semi-transparent and you can see the gold glowing through the stone – such a stunning effect. This ring is simple and delicate, yet so elegant - an amazing lower priced option that still feels so special and precious.

    I see this on a super cool, edgy woman - someone who rejects conformity but still believes in love.

    Courtney's favorites


    That icy salt and pepper pear is magical – it feels celestial with so much sparkle, but more glowy than a traditional white diamond. Set into the signature super thin GB Stella setting, the stone stands out even more. I would stack this with a pointed band like the Pointed Open Cuff Diamond Ring – it would be ridiculously amazing.  

    I see this on a classic woman with a hint of #extra – the lady who loves her diamond studs and all-black chicness, but also covets a 5-ring stack and some feathered pumps.

    I love how the princess cut side diamonds are set slightly apart from the center stone – I’ve never seen that before and now I’m obsessed. And that 2.81 carat sapphire is A LOT of stone for the price – it’s a serious showstopper. Plus, I love how the color shifts from yellow to green to teal when the light hits it.

    I envision this ring on a super chic woman - everyone envies her ability to put an outfit together but she’s always happy to share her tips and let you raid her closet.

    This ring is the perfect marriage between super distinctive design and classic glamour. The knife edge band, hexagon shape, icy diamond, and claw prongs feel very ‘modern, cool girl’, while the diamond halo adds a dose of timelessness. Plus, with that halo, this ring becomes a majorly sizeable engagement ring.

    I picture this ring on a glamour girl – someone who loves sparkle, who never says no to champagne, and whose Christmas tree is color coded and Pinterest perfect.

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