15 Fantastical Flower Rings

    Floral rings for spring? Groundbreaking, we know ;) But for real, who isn't feeling a little dreamy over some petal-laden, nature-inspired floral rings these days? Drop into our flower garden dream world where diamonds are petals and flowers are grown in solid gold.  

    Fall in love with a few of our favorite custom floral engagement rings, a sprinkling of one-of-a-kind floral inspired engagement rings from our curated list of women independant designers and a flower ring or two from our in-house line, Made By Gem Breakfast. If something stirs up your flower-loving soul, book a free virtual consultation and we can chat about creating a custom floral design to reflect your personal style.

    Truly, the limit does not exist for custom design - we can dream up, design, and create anything in the fine jewelry-verse. Maybe you'd like a ring to resemble your favorite flower, or an ombre collection of petals, or a literal fairyland forest on your finger. Share your vision and we'll work with you to bring the flower magic to life!

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    flower ring salt and pepper diamond

    1. Salt and Pepper Diamond Floral Ring

    A magical mix of vintage charm, dreamy diamond petals, and a cosmic salt and pepper diamond come together to create the most alluring work of art to ever grace the floral ring world. She's romance personified (or ring-ified) with diamond vines and a rose cut diamond to rule them all.


    2. Oval Rose Cut Diamond Floral Ring

    Bring us an aromatic bouquet of diamonds any day of the week! With an ethereal rose cut oval diamond as the centerpiece and a generous helping of round brilliant diamonds playing the baby's breath, she's a forever arrangement that will never wilt or lose her freshness.

    Old European Cut Diamond Floral Ring

    3. Old European Cut Diamond Floral Ring

    The most mystical european cut diamond to ever exist sits atop a delicate nature-inspired golden band with hand-engraved leaf details and striking milgrain. Giving stray diamond found among the foliage vibes, she's an irresistible node to nature that you won't see twice.

    floral ring with cushion cut diamonds and vines

    4. Cushion Cut Diamond Floral Ring

    Giving floating diamond energy, this sparkling cushion cut is nestled amongst rising golden vines with gleaming diamond leaves and glistening green sapphire flowers. We can buy ourselves flowers and write our name in the band! Whether it's an engagement or self-treat, this ring cannot be beat.

    gold engraved floral ring

    5. Wide Gold Engraved Floral Wedding Ring

    A field of fully-bloomed flowers, except everlastingly engraved in gold. Whoever said flowers don't last forever hasn't met our flower wedding bands, my friend. Wear a garden on your finger with hand-engraved florals custom created in any and every iteration. Roses? You got it. Carnations? yes please. Lilies? Yes Queen!

    champagne diamond engraved floral ring

    6. Champagne Diamond Floral Ring

    Hand-engraved sunflowers reach their highest heights under the warmth of a golden champagne diamond sun. With cascading vines and sparkling diamond droplets, she's a sunkissed masterpiece that will not be outdone. Frolick through an artisan's garden with one-of-a-kind artistry that's simply a feast.

    pink morganite floral ring

    7. Pink-Peach Morganite Floral Ring

    Giving desert flower energy, she's the glowing pink bloom budding from a cactus - bringing color and life to the desert dreamscape. Nestled in a floral-inspired crown setting, she's the most fantastical flower in the land.

    rainbow sapphire flower ring

    8. Rainbow Sapphire Flower Ring

    Dance along the daisies with a rainbow sapphire flower crown adorning your fanciful flower child finger. She's happiness embodied and garden energy activated with her medley of multicolored sapphire petals.

    morganite and diamond flower ring

    9. Morganite and Diamond Flower Ring

    A glistening pink oval cut morganite nestles amongst a wreath of sparkling round brilliant diamonds and organic textured gold detailing. Finished with a sleek gleaming gold band, she's a ring fit for a fairy queen.

    Green Marquise Cut aquamarine Flower Ring

    10. Green Marquise Cut Aquamarine Flower Ring

    Get your greens with a glistening gemstone garden of hand-painted enamel, rare blue diamonds, sparkling white pear diamonds, and a marquise cut aquamarine as the floral centerpiece. Finish with milgrain detailing for a one-of-a-kind bouquet that glows night and day.

    Green Emerald Cut Sapphire floral engagement ring

    11. Green Emerald Cut Sapphire Flower Engagement ring

    Like a solid gold Grecian vine leaf crown, this emerald cut green sapphire is framed by hand-engraved olive branch leaves and tiny bubble set diamond dew drops. She's a throne-worthy Grecian Goddess who'll have mythology dedicated to her for the rest of her days.

    Teal Kite Cut Montana Sapphire Floral Engagement Ring

    12. Teal Kite Cut Montana Sapphire Floral Engagement Ring

    When a geometric green kite cut sapphire crosses with floral diamond petals, timeless head-turning magic ensues. Combining romance with clean minimalism, and a rich green sapphire with bright white diamonds for a contrasting garden-worthy treat that looks good enough to eat.

    Sapphire Cluster Floral Ring

    13. Sapphire Cluster
    Floral Ring

    Escape to the country estate for the weekend with a gleeful garden of multicolored pastel sapphires that would awaken anyone's appetite for flowers.


    16. Diamond Eternity Floral Ring

    A roman laurel wreath, except cast in solid gold and sprinkled with bezel set diamonds for an ancient garden energy that's a detail-lover's diamond dream.

    Green Hexagon Sapphire Floral Ring

    15. Green Hexagon Sapphire Floral Ring

    Who needs a green thumb when you have the sexiest hexy green sapphire surrounded by everlasting diamond petals? Diamonds are forever, my friends.

    Your flower ring questions answered

    What does a flower ring symbolize?

    Overall, flower rings symbolize the beauty and power of nature however every kind of flower holds its own unique meaning:

    • Roses symbolize love and commitment
    • Ivy represents fidelity and trust
    • Daisies signify hope and positivty
    • Sunflowers signal happiness and luck
    • Lotus symbolizes enlightenment and spiritual growth
    • Lilies are connected with commitment and rebirth
    • Violets mean faith and spiritual expansion

    What is a ring of flowers called?

    A ring of flowers or leaves is called a wreath - like a flower crown or a flower ring, it's an infinity circle of flowers or greenery.

    What is flower setting diamonds?

    Flower settings emulate a flower with small diamonds placed as petals all around the center stone. Also known as a halo setting, flower settings play with diamond shapes and prong placement to create the look of flower petals. Flower settings can be created with any kind of gemstone - from diamonds to sapphires and everything in between.

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