8 Unique Yet Timeless Toi et Moi Rings

    French for ‘you and me’, the toi et moi ring (sometimes called a moi et toi ring) has been having a major moment. While it seems like a brand new trend, its actually been in vogue since the 1700s when Napoleon proposed to his love, Josephine with a showstopping toi et moi engagement ring.

    Whether you're browsing for a toi et moi engagement ring or a treat-yourself, just-because-you-deserve-it ring, keep reading for all you need to know plus a few of our favorite toi et moi jewelry!

    Why we love toi et moi rings

    Besides the history and symbolism, we love the endless options a toi et moi ring presents - two x the stones, two x the opportunity to do things differently. Mix it up with stone shape and size, gemstone type and color, and symmetry vs asymmetry for a ring that’s all your own.

    HOW TO MIX IT UP for a one-of-a-kind toi et moi ring design

    Stone shape:combine two stones of the same shape or create contrast with two different shapes. 

    Stone type: sapphires and diamonds, yes please! Mix up your stones for a delicious divergence or match them up for a satisfying marriage.

    Stone color: a green sapphire plus a blue sapphire, a salt and pepper diamond plus a white diamond, or two stones of the same tone. Whatever speaks to your soul, my friend!

    Setting: set your stones side by side, stacked atop each other, asymmetrically aligned, touching or with a dramatic gap – there is truly endless possibilities to create a ring that’s all for you.

    your toi et moi questions answered

    What does the toi et moi ring symbolize?

    French for 'you and me', the toi et moi design symbolizes the joining of two people (and gemstones) to make one beautiful and meaningful union (and ring). It's one of the most romantic and stepped-in-history ring designs out there, so if you're a romantic at heart, this may be the ring for you.

    our favorite toi et moi rings

    is the toi et moi a good engagement ring?

    Toi et moi rings are an incredibly romantic and also deliciously unique choice for an engagement ring. Toi et moi translates to 'me and you - a super sweet ode to you and your partner + the beautiful union you make together. Also - what's better than one glittering gemstone? Umm, two!

    are toi et moi rings expensive?

    The price of your toi et moi ring all depends on the diamonds and/or colored gemstones you choose to use - and quality of the stones including cut quality, color, clarity, and total carat weight. The higher the quality of the gem and the larger the size, the more the price will rise. Having said that, you'd be surprised how far we can stretch a tight budget to create the most amazing, showstopping custom toi et moi ring (or any ring design) that you just can't stop staring at. Book a free consultation with our team to chat custom.

    how popular are toi et moi rings?

    While toi et moi rings have recently risen in popularity thanks to stars like Megan Fox and Ariana Grande rocking the design, the toi et moi ring is still an uncommon, unique choice that you won't see on the hands of all your friends. If you like to do things differently, a toi et moi ring may just be for you.

    Who had a toi et moi ring?

    The Toi et Moi ring first gained gravitas when Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to his amor, Empress Josephine with a diamond and a sapphire toi et moi ring in the 1700s. More recently, John F. Kennedy proposed to the OG fashion queen, Jackie Kennedy in the 1950s with an incredible emerald and diamond toi et moi ring.
    In the last 5 years, both Megan Fox and Ariana Grande said yes to toi et moi rings - Megan Fox with a stunning pear shaped emerald and diamond toi et moi engagement ring, and Ariana Grande with an heirloom pearl and diamond toi et moi engagement ring.

    Are toi et moi rings timeless?

    Considering toi et moi rings have been beloved since the 1700s, we'd say they definitely qualify as timeless! Toi et moi fans would still fall head over heels for Napoleon's ring choice and of course Jackie Kennedy's headturning toi et moi sparkler. While toi et moi rings began with two stones of the same shape and size, the style has evolved to include every diamond shape and size under the sun.

    What wedding band goes with a toi et moi ring?

    Start by checking whether your engagement ring is 'stackable' or not. Stackable rings have a raised head which allows straight bands to nestle underneath and sit directly against your engagement ring. Non-stackable rings sit flush against the finger - for this style, you will want a tiara band or curved band to frame your engagement ring. Keep in mind, the taller/thicker stacks will affect the ring size you choose.

    For more on how to find a wedding band to match (or coordinate) with your engagement ring, read our blog!

    Shop our scrumptious selection of made-to-order wedding bands or work with us to create a custom flawlessly-fitted wedding band for any of our in-stock rings or custom designs. Book a free virtual consult to find out more about creating a custom wedding band.

    Our favorite unique toi et moi ring designs

    1. Ruby and Spinel Toi et Moi Ring

    Like the most decadent jewel-toned candy cluster, this ruby and spinel toi et moi ring sparkles and shines in every light. With mixed tones of bright peach, deep dramatic red, and a generous helping of sparkling white diamonds, she's endlessly interesting and ready for her regal human counterpart.

    2. Pink Sapphire Toi et Moi Ring

    Giving serious strawberry ice cream vibes, this satisfyingly sweet treat features two brilliantly saturated pink sapphires set slightly askew for an assymetrical energy you just can't resist. Rotated button prongs and a buttery 14kt finish add to this ring's effortless flow.

    3. Pink Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring

    With two distinctive stone colors and shapes, this toi et moi ring is everything we love about this customizable style. A rare light pink pear shaped diamond is nestled alongside a bright, sparkling round brilliant diamond for a delicious contrast that just feels right.

    4. Bi-Color Sapphire Toi et Moi Ring

    Maybe the most magical toi et moi ring we've ever seen! Mesmerizing round and emerald cut green-yellow-teal parti sapphires sit atop one another for a candy apple, sunlight-on-the-water moment that will turn all the heads.

    Salt & Pepper Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

    5. Salt & Pepper Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

    Two salt and pepper diamonds - one the deepest night sky, and the other a bright starry night come together to create the most irresistibly cosmic contrast the toi et moi world has ever seen.

    6. Salt & Pepper Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

    A dreamy half-moon-shaped salt and pepper diamond cozies up to a dramatic trillion salt and pepper for a starry-eyed design that gives a glimpse of infinity.

    7. Champagne & White Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

    Celebrate each of your energies with a double diamond buffet. The most delicious light champagne pear shines bright against a pink-brown emerald cut diamond for a contrast-loving match beyond measure.

    8. Champagne Diamond
    Toi et Moi Ring

    A dazzling marquise champagne diamond nestled alongside an equally scintillating champagne pear and topped with the cutest button prongs for a toast-worthy golden moment that's as celebratory as a flute of the very best bubbly.

    Shop all of our in-stock one-of-a-kind rings here or book a free virtual consultation anytime to chat about creating your own custom toi et moi design in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or our signature Peach Gold.


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