30 Irresistibly Unique Wedding Rings

    If you're searching for unique and elegant wedding bands or stacking rings that are anything but basic, you've come to the right place. We are the diamonds-for-dessert mecca of showstopping stackers and wedding rings and diamond bands you've never seen. Keep scrolling for every style and design of band you could dream of - from cosmic to art deco, deeply symbolic to positively regal, nature-inspired, diamond-encrusted, and everything in-between.

    In this list, you'll find some of our bestselling made-to-order signature unique wedding bands plus many one-of-a-kind designs that we can recreate or customize for you. Or we can create a completely OOAK, never-before-seen design just for you.

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    unique and elegant wedding bands

    1. Snake Gold Band With Diamond Head

    Add height and drama to your stack with a diamond headed snake band that aligns with almost every engagement ring style. Snakes symbolize new beginnings and renewal – the perfect talisman to symbolize your new union.

    Baguette Diamond Tiara Band

    2. Baguette & Round Brilliant Diamond Tiara Band

    A tiara band turned art deco and delightfully architectural. Channel your inner Great Gatsby with a striking staircase of sleek white baguettes and the highest quality round brilliant diamonds. The crown your engagement ring deserves.

    Thick gold band with pink sapphires and diamonds

    3. Pink Sapphire & Diamond Band

    A band that makes a serious statement – extra wide with a regal touch of milgrain texture and a medley of rose cut diamonds and pink sapphires – it’s giving queen-atop-the-throne vibes all the way.

    4. Pixie Dust Curved Diamond Band

    This curvy, diamond-encrusted band feels airy and oh-so delectable with it's aesthetically arranged waves and arcs. Add endless interest and an playful panache to any engagement ring stack.

    5. Five Stone Champagne Diamond Band

    If you love that diamond shine, you'll love this 1.05 carat five-stone diamond band – it makes a gleaming statement all on its own and compliments any engagement ring. Try with champagne diamonds for a stunning touch of warmth that brings out the sun in your gold.

    Montana Sapphire Tiara Band

    6. Azul Montana Sapphire Tiara Band

    The ring to rule them all! For a wedding band that’s a moment all on its own, opt for this oceanic tiara band made with stunning marquise, baguette, and round brilliant teal Montana sapphires. It's giving royal jewels and under the sea energy all at the same time.

    7. 4mm Gold Engraved Mountain Band

    We can hand-engrave pretty much anything onto a band and one of our favorite themes is nature – if you’re a mountain lover or find special significance in snowy peaks, our great heights 4mm band will speak to your soul.

    hexagon ombre sapphire band

    8. Multicolored Hexagon Ombré Sapphire Band

    Sexy hexy! For the bride who’s anything but ordinary and loves a touch of whimsy – this multicolored hexagon sapphire band is your brand of ethereal. With soft pastel tones of blue and purple, this band is giving fairyland in the most elevated way.

    9. Stargazer Engraved Gold Band

    Interplanetary realness with hand-engraved stars and planets to always feel like the stars are aligned. The extra width is giving buttery, gleaming gold glamour.

    princess cut diamond band

    10. Princess Cut Diamond Band

    Princess cut modernized with a collection of warm and cool hues and an unexpected spaced-out arrangement. It's a classic diamond band made much more interesting.

    13. Equinox Moon & Constellation Engraved Gold Band

    Inspired by the Autumn Equinox, this cosmic moon and constellation hand-engraved band gives all of the star-crossed, love-you-to-the-moon, infinitely connected energy you could ask for. Opt for rounded edges like this one, or squared corners for extra edge.

    14. 241 Mixed Round Brilliant & Raw Diamond Band

    A satisfying contrast of classic round brilliant diamonds and edgy rough diamonds for the bride that just can’t decide. Wear with half brilliant diamonds and half rough diamonds showing or twist to show just one side.

    15. Rosaline Hand-Engraved Gold Band

    If you love a vintage, floral vibe, this romantic hand-engraved garden-esque band is for you. It’s endlessly interesting and adds a stunning stroke of texture to any stack. You'll find a new detail everywhere you look.

    Pink and purple sapphire band

    16. Pink & Purple Sapphire Medley Band

    Pink is the new clear, have you heard? Reject all convention and opt for a multicolored ombre pink/purple sapphire and diamond band to add interest and romance to your wedding stack. Stunning with yellow or rose gold and a multitude of center stones.

    17. French Pavé Diamond Band

    The classic diamond band with a twist – a super chic and refined French pavé setting that’s as intricate as it is minimalist. The French pavé setting method maximizes every diamond's sparkle with exposed sides from the profile view.

    White gold mixed cut diamond tiara band

    18. Mixed Cut Diamond Tiara Band

    The crown to top them all – with incredible height and a mixture of round brilliant diamonds, baguette diamonds, and a delicious pear shaped diamond peak, this tiara band will take your engagement ring to another dimension.

    19. Avec Les Filles White Gold Engrvaed

    Minimal yet lavish, hand-engraved arrows point towards your unique destiny. Finished with ornate milgrain details in your choice of gold.

    20. Celeste Rising Star Engraved Diamond Band

    Our bestselling cosmically inclined Celeste Rising hand-engraved band made with saucy black diamonds and icy white gold.

    Round Brilliant Green Sapphire Band

    21. Round Brilliant Green Sapphire Band

    An irrestistible array of underwater soft teal sapphires paired with bright white trillion side diamonds makes a subtle and unexpected statement.

    Ombre Blue Sapphire Gold Band

    22. Ombre Blue Sapphire Gold Band

    An ode to the ocean with an ombré rainbow of blue sapphires in varying hues. Sapphires are the new diamonds and are an unexpected yet timeless choice.

    Crescent Moon Diamond Band

    23. Crescent Moon Diamond Band

    You'll be over the moon with this celestial, diamond-encrusted crescent moon wedding band. Wear atop or beneath your round center stone - curve-side up or down to change its position in the sky and in your st

    Waves Diamond Engraved Gold Band

    24. Waves Engraved Gold Band

    An under-the-sea dream with cresting waves, dolphins, and glistening white diamonds hand-engraved into a gold band of just-right thickness. If you love the depths of the sea, this marine band is for you.

    Salt & Pepper Diamond Chevron Band

    25. Salt & Pepper Diamond Chevron Band

    Contour your engagement ring with a delectably unexpected chevron band peppered with cosmic salt & pepper diamonds. Take the detail level up a notch with an enticing French cut pavé setting.

    26. To The Moon and Back Engraved Gold Band

    The sweetest sentiment hand-engraved in gothic style lettering on a satisfyingly wide gold band. Engrave any message in your lettering style of choice - make it your own, the limit does not exist!

    27. Bae Engraved Customizable Gold Band

    What better way to immortalize your union than with a hand-engraved message with special meaning to you both? It’s simple yet impactful and incredibly chic with any engagement ring pairing.

    Topaz, Spinel,and Sapphire Curved Band

    28. Topaz, Spinel,and Sapphire Curved Band

    An unexpected combo of multicolored blue-toned sapphires, spinel, and topaz plus a subtle curve = an unforgettable wedding band to symbolize the specialness of your pairing.

    Curved Montana Sapphire White Gold Band

    29. Curved Montana Sapphire White Gold Band

    Moody blue Montana sapphires set in a subtle curve and finished with white gold makes for the perfect ode to the cool-toned Queen. Every stone is a slightly different tone for endless interest in any light. Switch it up by stacking it curve side up or down.

    30. Eclipse Moon & Star Engraved Gold Band

    Wear the cosmos on your finger with a hand-engraved moon and constellation band – with squared edges for added drama and presence. Whatever your engagement ring style, this bestseller adds a touch of texture and a glimpse of the galaxy to your stack.

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