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    22 Alternative & Non Traditional Engagement Rings to Stand Out From the Rest

    Shopping for unconventional, never-been-done-before, non traditional engagement rings or just-because rings? Say no more, we're here with all the incredibly unique, alternative engagement rings and stone choices to tickle your outside-the-box fancy.

    In this list, you'll find many of our custom creations plus one-of-a-kind alternative engagement ring designs from our roster of independent designers and our in-house line, Made By Gem Breakfast. If you see something you love, book a free virtual or in-person consultation and we can chat about recreating that recipe with a twist to bring your unique dream ring to life.

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    non traditional alternative engagement rings

    Diamond Cluster Ring With Mixed Shapes

    1. Diamond & Sapphire
    Cluster Ring

    White diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, and the sexiest hexy sapphire set in a deliciously asymmetrical design for a striking visual treat. Contrasting shapes, tones, and a mix of bezel and prong settings create the most satisfying combination that feels both perfectly cohesive and endlessly interesting.

    Kite Shaped Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    2. Kite Shaped Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    If you love dramatic height and an unconventional shape, befriend a kite shaped diamond. The pairing of a stormy salt and pepper diamond with bright white accent diamonds is the most divine contradiction. Black accent diamonds keep it edgy and unexpected for interest from every angle.

    Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    3. Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    Indulge in your dark side with a substantial, statement-making hexagon salt and pepper diamond set in a sleek, white gold design. Dark accent stones along the band complete the eye-catching black and white aesethetic.

    Toi et Moi Diamond and Sapphire Ring

    4. Toi et Moi Diamond and Sapphire Ring

    Toi et moi designs are having a major moment but are still living on the fringe - far from traditional. Lean even more unconventional with an elongated hexagon shaped white diamond nestled next to a covet-worthy bi-color sapphire.

    Purple Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring with Pink Diamond Sides

    5. Purple-Pink Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring

    Who says you have to choose between purple and pink, my color-loving friends? This ring embraces all the candy colored goodness with a mine-to-market purple emerald cut sapphire flanked by tantalizing pink kite cut sapphires. Set in our exclusive Peach Gold and finished with double claw prongs for unapologetic presence.

    Champagne Diamond Ring with White Kite Diamond Sides

    6. Pear Shaped Champagne Diamond Ring

    One of our most viral rings ever, this elongated, rich champagne pear paired with bright white kite diamond sides turned heads all around the world. The warmth in the stone makes the gold gleam brighter and the contrast of white and champagne diamonds is simply irresistible.

    Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    7. Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    Unconventional doesn't have to mean complicated - sometimes it's about a truly spectacular, one of a kind dalmation dotted salt and pepper diamond set in a minimalistic double prong setting to showcase it's unique single stone magic without distractions.

    Trillion Diamond East-West Ring

    8. Trillion Diamond Ring

    Traditionally used as accent stones, it turns out trillion cut diamonds are meant to steal the show. With two luminous white diamond trillions sharing the spotlight, this ring is chic, minimalistic, yet completely unexpected in gleaming yellow gold.

    Kite Shaped Morganite Ring with Diamond Sides

    9. Kite Shaped Morganite Ring with Diamond Sides

    An elongated kite cut in a warm, dusty pink tone gives drama, romance, and a stunning art-deco feel all at the same time. Two bright white kite diamonds draw attention outwards and give the perfect touch of contrast. Stick with morganite for a treat-yourself ring or swap for a pink sapphire for a more durable, higher-shine option.

    Purple Sapphire Cluster Ring

    10. Purple Pear Shaped Sapphire Cluster Ring

    A cluster ring is the epitome of unexpected and offers an endless array of options to create a completely custom, one of a kind, deeply meaningful design that's for you and you alone. From the gemstone pairings and sizes, to the arrangement, the limit does not exist. Take inspiration from this buffet of sapphires and white and salt and pepper diamonds.

    Orange Sapphire Cluster Ring

    11. Orange Sapphire Cluster Ring

    Sapphires are the new diamonds and orange is fresh on the menu. This ring pairs a cream-soda colored orange radiant cut sapphire with a lavish serving of assymetrical sparkling round brilliant diamonds. It's vitamin c for the jewelry-obsessed soul.

    Asscher Cut Diamond Ring with kite diamond sides

    12. Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

    Our Founder, Catherine's very own redesigned engagement ring. A classically stunning Asscher cut diamond becomes unconventional with a 90 degree rotation and sizeable kite diamond sides. Proof that white diamonds don't ever have to be boring.

    Oval Blue-Purple Spinel with Diamond Accents

    13. Oval Blue-Purple Spinel with Diamond Accents

    We started with a hypnotic purple spinel and added a diamond-encrusted split-shank band that adds a nature-inspired, fairlyland energy to the design. The combination of the moody center stone and bright white delicately arranged diamonds creates an unexpected effect that we love.

    Salt and Pepper Diamond Cluster Ring

    14. Salt and Pepper Diamond Cluster Ring

    Can you tell we love a cluster? A memorable arrangement has a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and the perfect amount of assymetry. This design pairs a stormy salt and pepper rose cut diamond with a fan of bright blue sapphires on one side and sparkling white diamonds on the other. Obsession-worthy.

    Salt and Pepper Trillion Diamond Ring

    15. Salt and Pepper Trillion Cut Diamond Ring

    For the cool-toned queen, a totally outside-the-box arrangement of two rose cut salt and pepper trilion cut diamonds in a lustrous white gold setting. The black and white contrast feels moody and dramatic in all the right ways.

    Salt and Pepper Diamond Cluster Ring with Star Diamonds

    16. Salt and Pepper Diamond Cluster Ring with Star Diamonds

    The ring we get neverending DMs about! A cosmic, night sky salt and pepper pear-shaped diamond clustered with the brightest star shaped diamonds and a garden of salt and peppers makes for a truly magical and unforgettable design.

    Ruby Assymetrical Cluster Ring

    17. Garnet Cluster Ring

    A ring we'll never forget. A stunningly rich red octagon-shaped garent set into an assymetical cluster with a rough sapphire, tiny sparkling diamond, and an iridescent opal. You just can't stop staring at it - the contrast of textures, colors, and finishes makes this ring completely irresistible.

    Champagne Diamond Cluster Ring

    18. Diamond Star Cluster Ring

    Throw all the rules out the window and create a cluster that screams celebration. With a buttery trillion diamond center stone, every tone of salt and pepper diamond, and an anything-but-symmetrical fan of white baguette diamonds, this ring is unapolegetically extra and we love it.  

    Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    19. Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    This ring is giving medieval, game-of-thrones vibes. All this incredible eye-catching rose cut salt and pepper diamond needed was a sleek, white gold half bezel setting to complete the icy, power ring energy.

    Kite Shaped Pink Sapphire East-West Ring

    20. Kite Shaped Pink Sapphire East-West Ring

    Sometimes unconventional just means an unexpected stone choice like this candy-colored pink sapphire plus a simple twist to set the stone east-west in a sleek half bezel setting. It's minimalist in the most interesting way.  

    Salt and Pepper Pear Shaped Diamond Ring with Black Diamond Halo

    21. Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring with Black Diamond Halo

    An unexpected halo design for those who love the little details. A striking salt and pepper pear shaped diamond is framed by inky black diamonds to bring out those dalmation flecks, and is finished with a luxe twisted gold band. It's the unconventional maximalist's best friend.

    Geometric Custom Cut White Sapphire with Matte Finish

    22. Geometric Custom Cut White Sapphire with Matte Finish

    Giving seriously hypnotic, hall-of-mirrors vibes, this ring pairs the raciest geometric cut white sapphires with an unexpected setting for a design you can't stop staring at. A matte gold finish allows those one-of-a-kind, custom-cut sapphires to shine their brightest without distractions.

    your non traditional engagement ring questions answered

    What is a non-traditional engagement ring?

    A non-traditional engagement ring is any design or center stone that strays from typical engagement ring designs like the diamond solitaires and diamond halos you see in jewelry stores. These are usually rings made by smaller jewelry brands or independant designers and could be a sapphire or colored gemstone ring, a toi et moi ring, an unexpected cluster ring, a salt and pepper diamond ring, a portrait cut diamond ring, a rose cut diamond ring, and an infinite array of design options that lay outside the most popular engagement ring styles.

    Is it ok to get a non diamond engagement ring?

    Absolutely, we love a colored gemstone engagement ring (and have made many)! Your best bet in terms of color selection and durability is a sapphire - rated a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, sapphires are hard enough for everyday wear and come in every color of the rainbow. Other great non-diamond engagement ring stones that are both stunning and durable are rubies, spinel, chryosberyl, and tanzanite. Read our diamond alternatives blog for more!

    Can you use anything as an engagement ring?

    Definitely, there are absolutely no rules when it comes to engagement rings. This a symbol of your partnership and it should be reflection of you - that means choose whatever speaks to your soul. Our only recommendation: make sure to choose a metal and gemstone(s) that will stand up against daily wear - after all, you want to have this ring forever! Avoid any plated or filled metals and super soft stones like opal, pearl, and moonstone.


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