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    Made By Gem Breakfast

    Bae Engravable Gold Band

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    Size Chart
    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart
    Size Chart
    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart

    Why I Love It:

    Who is your bae? This band is a blank canvas and perfect for anyone who would love a daily, tangible object to show their affections. A partners name, a date of importance, words of affirmations, or just a sweet ode to something or someone you love. Swift and careful hand movements create engraved texture with precise detail in your choice of golds. All hand engraved locally in San Francisco, CA.

    The Details:

    • 14k Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Rose Gold, 18k Peach Gold
    • Made to order with the word of your choice up to 12 characters
    • Band Width is Approx. 1.80 mm 
    • Made to order in your size, please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks for delivery 
    • Bands are all hand engraved and may come with subtle variations left by the artist who created them
    • Put your bae in the notes section at checkout! The team will follow up to confirm with you after you place yours order.
    What You Need To Know:
    • Have more questions? Perhaps our FAQ page will help!