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    Your Quiet Luxury, Old Money Aesthetic Jewelry Guide

    Who doesn't love a good TikTok trend? While mermaidcore and coastal cowgirl may come and go, quiet luxury (or the old money aesthetic) is here to stay, and really has always been here. There have always been flawlessly tailored, expensively dressed ladies strolling down Park Avenue, and effortlessly outfitted heiresses sipping après-ski champagne in Aspen or swathed in cream linen on their private yacht in the South of France. Quiet luxury is about embodying that made-of-money energy, yacht or not!

    What does the old money aesthetic mean?

    The opposite of fast fashion, old money style (aka stealth wealth or quiet luxury) is timeless - logo-free pieces that last forever and transcend time. For clothing, It's allabout chic, understated, perfectly tailored investment pieces in luxe, sensuous, expensive materials and neutral tones. Think linen, cashmere, lots of cream and beige and monochromatic head to toe looks - a capsule collection of timeless pieces. It's the epitome of "money talks, wealth whispers".

    what does the old money aesthetic mean for jewelry?

    For jewelry, the old money aesthetic means high quality, impeccably crafted pieces that are classic and heirloom-worthy. Think Sofia Richie’s wedding weekend looks or Gwenyth Paltrow’s courtroom fashion – casually stacked heavy gold rings with a diamond band or two thrown in for good measure, and of course a jangling stack of weighty gold bracelets. What every quiet luxury jewelry piece has in common: they're chic, sophisticated, flawlessly crafted, and never too much.

    Keep reading for our favorite quiet luxury, old money jewelry picks to love now and forever! If there were ever a trend to invest in, this is it, my friends.

    quiet luxury old money aesthetic jewelry picks


    No old money aesthetic is complete without a buttery high-shine gold band. This domed design emboies stealth wealth with its discreetly decadent understated energy.  

    A five stone diamond band casually worn in a gleaming gold stack is de rigeur for an old money look. Those with an eye for quality will appreciate the candelit glow of a rose cut diamond - a cut made popular in the 1920s that could easily have been passed down as a family heirloom.

    A flawlessly crafted heavy gold braided band is just the touch of luxe texture that the old money aesthetic is known for. It's quietly luxurious with a hefty dose of gold and the most sumptuous hand-crafted curves. Only the best for the stealth wealth set (even if your wealth is really just an attitude).

    Any quiet luxury queen will recognize the subtle yet lavish artistry in this French pavé set band. Though it's looks deceptively simple, every diamond is meticulously set into a hand-cut "V" to allow the most light to pass through it. With 31 high quality white round brilliant cut diamonds and a hand-crafted setting, she's an old money style must.

    This ring screams quiet luxury, quietly of course ;). With her chic, minimalistic design, she whispers, and with her thick solid gold gleam, she screams. Pop it laissez-faire on your pinky or stack it with other gold rings. It's giving grandfather's 18kt heirloom wedding band in all the right ways.

    This ring would be casually worn with an "oh this old thing" energy - just an incredible heirloom passed down through the family's impressive jewelry collection to toss on for a casual afternoon stroll. With that deep green sapphire, vintage milgrain detail, and perfect bezel setting, she's ready for her old hollywood closeup.

    What old money family doesn't have a signet ring emblazened with their family crest? Back in the day, wealthy and influential men would stamp their custom signet ring into ink or wax and use as a seal on important documents. Princess Di, the original old money inspiration, was always seen with her family's gold signet ring stacked alongside other rings.

    Just another impressive family jewel passed down through the generations! With a jaw-dropping, deeply saturated green sapphire, flawlessly set white diamonds, and antique-worthy milgrain details, she's living and breathing the old money aesthetic.

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