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    Discover the right stacking rings for you! Try our Quiz!

    What is a stacking ring?

    A stacking ring is any ring that can be worn alongside other rings! They can be straight, curved, pointed, engraved, diamond-encrusted - there really are no rules. Take our quiz to find the perfect stacking ring for you!

    How to build a ring stack 

    A ring stack is all about wearing what you love - translating your mood and energy into ring form. Our best advice to build your stack: choose what you're drawn to and stack it to the sky! Wear multiple rings on one finger or one (or a few) on each!

    If you're not sure where to start (or just can't decide), keep reading for our ring stacking tips:


    Mixing textures is the easiest way to add interest and contrast to your stack - think engraved bands, twisted bands, and bands with milgrain or other details. Pair a smooth band with a heavily detailed band and stand back to admire the result.


    We love a tiara band or curved band to add some height and drama to your stack. Wear it right side up or upside down - or one pointing each way! Balance doesn’t have to mean symmetry - it just means harmony. Tiara bands are perfect with a low-profile engagement ring or stacked alongside other bands.


    Pair that brushed gold heirloom band with a high-shine polished gold band or all the diamonds and gemstones for some variety and a splash of shine. Contrast is key to an interesting stack!

    Stacking rings at gem breakfast 

    Made by gem breakfast 

    In our Made By Gem Breakfast line, you'll find a tantalizing array of every style, size, and shape of stacking ring under the sun (and all made locally in San Francisco). You'll find hand-engraved stackable rings, tiara bands, diamond bands, ombre sapphire bands, moonstone bands, thick bands, thin bands, and all the textured bands you could ever dream of. A buffet of delicious stacked rings or treat-yourself stacker rings!

    One-of-a-kind & made to order designer bands 

    Can't get enough gold stacking rings? Peruse our selection of one-of-a-kind and made to order bands made by our community of incredibly talented independant designers. There's a band for every vibe - cosmic, dramatic, streamlined, romantic, modern, art-deco, geometric, and even a dessert-inspired band (which you know we love). Stack away my friends!

    See all our gold stacking rings here!

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