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    Peach Gold ®: Now A Trademarked Gem Breakfast Exclusive

    What is Peach Gold®?

    A Gem Breakfast exclusive, Peach Gold ® is the goldilocks of gold – a just right mix of gleaming yellow gold and rich rose gold to create a buttery golden hue to rule them all! (Kidding – but we can’t deny, it’s quickly becoming our new favorite.) Developed and created in our GB showroom, Peach Gold ® is our exclusive offering to GB Bespoke clients for another level of one-of-a-kind customization.

    We’re excited to announce that as of November 2020, Peach Gold ®is officially trademarked by Gem Breakfast!

    How is Peach Gold® Created?

    The actual recipe is our little golden secret, but basically we add a pinch of yellow gold, a dash of rose gold and voila, Peach Gold ® is born!

    To get scientific on you, the difference between yellow gold and rose gold is the addition of a copper alloy. We played with the alchemy of copper and gold until we arrived at the perfectly balanced hue you now see today. For more on the difference between every hue of gold read “Our Ultimate Guide to Gold & Precious Metals”!

    Why we love it 

    Exclusive to Gem Breakfast

    You know we love a one-of-a-kind exclusive, and what’s more deliciously rare than a custom created, trademarked gold found at only one fine jeweler in the world? Pair your Peach Gold ® with a one-of-a-kind bespoke design to create your true one-and-only ring match.

    Beautiful on all skin tones

    It’s the hue to flatter all skin tones! While rose gold can look a little coppery on some skin tones, and yellow gold a little too warm on others, Peach Gold ® is the harmonic, #justright balance between the two! So, if you’ve ever had that goldilocks, in-between-shades moment, Peach Gold ® is made for you.

    If you’ve already found your perfect match with rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold – that is just peachy too!

    Plays well with all hues of gold

    With a magical mix of both gold tones, Peach Gold ® brings out the sunlit gleam in yellow gold, and the rosé richness in rose gold – making it the perfect stacking companion. And you all know we love ourselves a towering stack!

    So if you’re on team #moreismore, consider Peach Gold ® your connector, joiner, and peacemaker – it brings all gold tones together in an ultra-aesthetic, deeply satisfying balance.

    Compliments many different gemstones

    The LBD of gold hues, peach gold looks ridiculously stunning with a massive array of gemstones – white diamonds, champagne diamonds, pink sapphires, teal and green sapphires. It elevates the gemstones while letting them shine their brightest against its buttery, sun kissed backdrop.

    Can any ring come in Peach Gold®?

    There’s three ways to make Peach Gold ® yours:

    Things to keep in mind

    As with all gold hues, Peach Gold ® should be cleaned and polished regularly. For more on caring for your fine jewelry, read our blog.

    Because Peach Gold ® does contain small amounts of copper, let us know of any metal allergies so we can determine if it will work for you!

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