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    Made By Gem Breakfast

    Modern Love Light Blue-Grey Hexagon Cut Montana Sapphire Ring

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    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart
    Size Chart
    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart

    Why I Love It:

    Experience a modern kind of love with this one of a kind ring. At the center sits a .58 carat light-blue grey hexagon cut Montana sapphire that is crystal clear, and on either side sit super cool and rather steely teal-grey hexagon cut spinels completing this three stone dream. Finished in 14k Yellow Gold and claw prongs, it is stackable with your favorite bands.

    The Details:

    • 14k Yellow Gold
    • .58 Carat Light Blue-Grey Hexagon Montana Sapphire Ring
    • .58 Carats Total of Teal-Grey Hexagon Spinel
      • Burma Origin
    • Current Ring Size 6.5
    • Band Width Measures Approx. 1.65 mm
    • Stackable
    • One-Of-A-Kind

    What You Need To Know:

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