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    Memento Mori Charm

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    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart
    Size Chart
    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart

    Why I Love It:

    Historically, Memento Mori jewelry has been worn in mourning, to remember ones we have loved and lost. This talisman is a symbol to honor those who came before us, our ancestors, their lives, known and unknown. Worn as a reminder of the love in the world, the preciousness of our time here on earth, and the transcendence into the next. Crafted in 14k yellow gold with a hidden 12 pointed star makers mark stamped on the back. Limited edition, there is only one. 

    The Details:

    • 14k Yellow Gold
    • Details on Both Sides
    • Measures Approx. 8 mm x 11 mm

    What You Need To Know:

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