18 Star-Studded Celestial Rings

    Be one with the cosmos with this stardusted array of celestial star rings and moon rings that'll transport you right to a starry, moonlit night.

    In this list, you'll find many of our bestselling made-to-order, hand-engraved star rings and celestial wedding rings plus a few custom celestial engagement rings and just-because rings that we can craft to reflect anyone's individual energy and story!

    18 star-studded celestial rings

    1. Celeste Minor Engraved Diamond Star Ring

    The diamond-dusted, perfectly curvy cousin to our bestselling Orion band, Celeste is truly a star. With hand-engraved stars and the sparkle of bright white diamonds, your stack will be illuminated with mystical night sky magic.

    2. Celeste Major Engraved Diamond Star Ring

    Celeste Minor's thicker sister, Celeste Major is blessed with a shameless serving of high-quality white diamonds blanketing a delicious star-studded canvas. It's easy to see why this cosmic dream has a permanent spot on the Gem Breakfast bestseller list.

    3. Celeste Rising Engraved Diamond Star Ring

    For those interstellar queens who can't get enough star shine, Celeste Rising has it all - a luxe 4mm gold band, all the hand-engraved star sauciness, and a seriously satisfying helping of luminous white diamonds surrounded by starbust outlines.


    4. Diamond Moval Engraved Star Ring

    The ultimate talisman of celestial protection - a gleaming east-west champagne marquise diamond giving evil eye vibes and a hand-engraved, galaxy-inspired, star-covered band.

    5. Eclipse Engraved Gold Star and Moon Ring

    A divine design celebrating both day and night with hand-engraved crescent moons and gleaming rising suns. Wear the moonlit sky on your finger in your choice of gold.

    6. Starburst Engraved Gold Band

    Find your way with hand-engraved stars to guide your path. One of our all-time bestselling bands, it's the spellbinding touch of stardust we all need in our lives.

    7. Jubliee Comet Diamond Stacking Ring

    Nothing says 'I'm a star' like a comet-shaped, diamond-dusted tiara band. Reach your stack to the stars with this incredibly eye-catching design that's otherwordly on its own and downright divine alongside other rings.

    8. Starlight Engraved Diamond Star Ring

    Wish upon a star tonight with hand-engraved stars and delicious diamond suns. Add texture and shine to your stack with a design inspired by a cloudless diamond sky. Served fresh in your choice of gold.

    9. Starbright Engraved Diamond Star Ring

    The thicker, juicier version of our beloved Starlight band, Starbright has all the diamonds in the sky vibes. Hand-engraved and blessed with luminous hand-set diamonds, she steals the show.


    10. Curved Diamond Engraved Star Ring

    With a soft, sloping curve, sleek star engraving, and sparkling inset diamonds, this ring is giving milky way energy all the way. Give your solitaire the ultimate cosmic frame or let it be the solo star of the show.

    11. Equinox Engraved Constellation & Moon Ring

    Manifest your dreams with hand-engraved stars, moons and constellations to symbolize the infinite possibilities available to you under the cosmos. Made to order in your choice of gold.

    salt and pepper diamond cluster ring with star diamonds

    12. Diamond Cluster Ring with Star Diamonds

    Shine bright like a diamond! Glimmering star-shaped diamonds nestle next to a dramatic salt and pepper pear that holds the mystery of universe in its center. Made custom and always recreatable.

    13. Stargazer Engraved Gold Star Ring

    Float among the stars with hand-engraved crescent moons, stars, planets, and sun rays all on one ring. The universe is at your fingertips, literally. Interplanetary realness made in your choice of gold.


    14. Diamond Gold Star Ring

    Create your own constellation with shimmering star-shaped diamonds nestled next to an array of contrasting hand-picked diamonds. A love letter to the otherwordly energy of the galaxy.


    15. Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

    Pair a magical night sky salt and pepper diamond with a star-engraved diamond band and what do you get? The most delectable cosmic creation to ever grace your clearly astute finger.

    16. Moon Phase Diamond

    Align with the phases of the moon and revel in Lady Luna's dreamlike energy with a diamond-centered band made to inspire. An ode to the ethereal entity that moves oceans and stirs up our own innate inner knowing.

    17. Orion Diamond Engraved Signet Ring

    Be one with the unending energy of the universe with this unaplogetically extra star-littered signet. Hand-engraved stars and diamonds blanket this gleaming, buttery gold signet ring that's anything but earthly.

    18. Orion Engraved Gold Star Ring

    Our OG cosmic band that's turned countless ring-lovers starry eyed. Bring a cloudless night sky wherever you go with hand-engraved stars on the most buttery, square-edged band in your choice of gold.

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