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    Gem Breakfast Maternity Ring Resizing Promise

    As a women owned, led, and run business, we hear from a lot of women worried about what will happen to their ring if their finger size changes post-pregnancy.

    It's one of those changes nobody talks about - your fingers (and basically your whole body) will swell during pregnancy and your favorite rings may not fit. Postpartum, things like your shoe size or ring size can sometimes change permanently (but not always, don't panic).

    As slightly (ok, majorly) obsessed jewelry lovers, that is unacceptable! We don't believe women should have to shoulder the burden of this change.

    That's why we institued our free post-pregnancy resizing policy.

    If your ring size has changed permanently post pregnancy, we'll resize any ring purchased from Gem Breakfast for free - whether it's an engagement ring, wedding band, a well-deserved push present, or a treat-yourself treasure. You have enough to worry about; not fitting into your favorite jewels should not be one of them!  

    Send us a message anytime if you need your ring resized!*Offer only valid to U.S. based clients at this time.

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