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    Emily Gill

    Cream Puff White Marquise Cut Sapphire Ring

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    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart
    Size Chart
    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart
    You save: 20% ($800.00)

    Why I Love It:

    The ring features a 1.55 carat crystal clear white marquise cut sapphire and is encased in 14k Yellow Gold with applied milgrain throughout the entire setting. Surrounding the center stone is a bezel that radiates a halo of blue round brilliant cut diamonds. This ring is a definite statement piece and is low profile and sits flush to the finger.

    The Details:

    • 14k Yellow Gold
    • 1.55 Carat White Marquise Cut Sapphire
    • .08 Total Carats of Blue Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
    • Current ring size 7.75
    • Band Width is Approx. 1.69 mm
    • This Ring Measures 18.58 mm Tall
    • Low Profile
    • One-Of-A-Kind

    What You Need To Know:

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