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    Sonder Fine Jewelry

    Clio Rectangle Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Ring

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    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart
    Size Chart
    Gem Breakfast Ring Size Chart

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    Why I Love It:

    We love every diamond that passes through our hands, but this one really spoke to us. It's a little less salt and pepper and a little more smoke and mirrors. Swirling tendrils that will look different to each who gazes upon it. This stone was so mesmerizing that it needed nothing beyond a simple 14k Yellow Gold bezel. It sits low to the hand, closer to the heart, and will spread a little bit of magic wherever she goes.

    The Details:

    • 14k Yellow Gold
    • 1.00 Carat Rectangle Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamond
    • Bezel Setting
    • Low Profile
    • Band Width 1.8 mm
    • Current Ring Size 6
    • One-Of-A-Kind

      What You Need To Know:

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