Emily Gill

Fiji Black Enamel Stacking Ring

$1,685.00 You Save 23% ($390.00)

Why I Love It:

Never been done before from the genius mind of Emily Gill - enamel stacking bands. From an expert jeweler, she got the perfect curve on these rings, so they fit perfectly with a multitude of rings. Chic designs, that make any ring POP! 

The Details:

  • 14k Yellow Gold 
  • Black Enamel Halo
  • Current ring size 6.75
  • Handmade In Limited quantities

What You Need To Know:

  • Enamel is fired glass, as seen in antiques. It is lead-free. It is perfume/alcohol/acetone resistant and should wear like a normal ring, can be cleaned in an ultrasonic and steam cleaned like other diamond rings. The glass area is small and recessed for optimal durability. Please avoid strong acids which may damage the enamel.
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