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    Engagement Ring Finder: What Style to Get Quiz

    Engagement Ring Finder: What Style to Get Quiz

    A lucky few know their perfect engagement ring style without a doubt. Sometimes, it matches your personal style, sometimes it's more classic! Whatever it is, Gem Breakfast's team of chefs are here to help you find your perfect engagement ring style. Whether it is working with us one on one to find out, taking our Quiz we are here for you.

    If you’re like the rest of us however, you love a bit of everything - that sleek, sparkling solitaire, that dramatic, deeply detailed sparkly setting, an ultra-alternative hexagon angular vibe, and maybe some Art Deco, vintage energy. Sapphires, diamonds, opals or rubies?

    It's so hard to pick with the onslaught of everything sparkly especially all the pretty rings on social media these days! We know first hand being around all this jewelry how hard it is.

    Take our engagement ring style quiz to help narrow down your long list of loves to the aesthetic you love most for rings (plus the perfect designer to bring your vision to life). Don't worry we have made the quiz super easy fun! Please share with us afterwards your results. We love to hear from you guys and it's always fun to see if our quiz is spot on!

    What are the most popular engagement ring styles? We have a few of the options below for you!


    You appreciate simple perfection when you see it. Diamonds are your best friend and you're happy for that rock to steal the whole show. You love a flawlessly executed solitaire or a design with minimal added details to keep the vibe timeless and classic. Your engagement ring will never go out of style.


    You love the unique and the never-been-done-before. You appreciate the artistry of independent designers and fall in love with one-of-a-kind designs that challenge convention. You love all things Gem Breakfast. You're all about a statement piece, but only a statement that's new and inventive and beautiful in an unexpected way. Your personal style is always on top of the trends of leading them yourself! Your rings love to go to you for your unconventional advice.


    You're a romantic with a love of history - you love the aesthetic and significance of vintage engagement rings and shower your life with that energy. You always appreciate a hidden detail, and really, the more details the better. Jewelry is deeply meaningful to you - you love the story behind every piece - it adds to the artistry. Your want to work with an artist who can really bring you on the engagement ring journey and listen to all your idea's for subtle designs.


    You're a trendsetter - effortlessly stylish and yet never expected. You follow your intuition and your style is always evolving to reflect your mood, your energy, and your ever-changing inspiration. You define what's covet-worthy and your mood of the moment will inspire others to follow. Your friends love to ask you for your advice, and you've been engagement ring shopping more than once! You are the perfect person to consult on a friend's ring or know how to exactly what you want as well. Whether it's an outfit for the ideal date night or a ring you are on it!

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