How to Clean Your Engagement Ring The 2023 Guide

    Whether you’re the blessed owner of a new engagement ring, or the obsessed owner of a showstopping treat yourself ring, at-home cleaning is the key to keeping it look its shining, sparkling best. Keep reading for all the tips & tricks to make DIY ring cleaning quick, easy, and super effective.

    Why Clean Your Ring?

    Dirt, oil, and cosmetic residue can build up all over your ring – especially when you wear it on the daily. This buildup quickly breeds bacteria which can irritate your skin and discolor the metal.

    Cleaning is also the perfect opportunity to inspect your ring. Once it’s sparkling and debris-free, do a quick once-over:

    • Check for loose or misshapen prongs.
    • Hold the ring up to your ear and shake it gently – if you hear any rattling or tinkling, take it to your jeweler to be tightened. You can prevent lost stones with regular checking of your setting!

    Our Fave Cleaning Methods


    How often:Once every two weeks

    How to:The tried-and-true method that’s vetted by jewelry experts all over the world:

    • Fill a large mug with warm water + add a few drops of dish soap. (Make sure it’s not moisturizing dish soap – anything with moisture-added ingredients can leave a film on your ring)
    • Let the ring sit in the mixture for 10-20 minutes.
    • Scrub the stone, setting, and band with a soft toothbrush. Make sure you clean under the stone! This is where the most dirt collects and is usually the reason for a dull-looking stone!
    • Rinse the ring under warm water. Make sure you cover the drain!
    • Pat the ring dry with a cotton cloth (don’t use paper towel, it can scratch the gold) or let it air dry.


    Say you’re heading to lunch and notice a smudge or dull spot on your previously gleaming gem. The Baublerella Bling Brush is our favorite portable, natural engagement ring cleaner to erase dirt and buildup on your fine jewelry. To use: simply twist, clean, polish, and sparkle!  

    And the best part? 100% of the profits from the sale of the Baublerella Bling Brush will be donated to Feeding America, a non-profit organization that supports food banks across the U.S.


    For a more powerful and deep clean, you can use an at-home Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (here's Catherine's pick). One thing to keep in mind: while these work amazing to restore your stone's shine, they’re a little harsh for everyday and aren’t suitable for every type of stone. Ask your jeweler if this cleaner is compatible with your ring, and only use this method once every few months tops.

    your ring cleaning questions answered

    can i clean my own engagement ring?

    Yes! Try any of the methods above for at-home engagement ring cleaning! Whether it's a tiny touch up or a deep-clean, it can mostly all be done at home.

    what can I soak my engagement ring in to clean it?

    Dishsoap is your best bet - try out our favorite dishsoap cleaning method above!  

    Is dawn dish soap safe for engagement rings?

    Absolutely! Dawn or any brand of dishsoap will work great to deep clean your ring and restore its sparkling shine.

    how can i make my engagement ring sparkle?

    A quick clean at home will restore that just-bought sparkle to your engagement ring. Whether you use dishsoap, an Ultrasonic cleaner, or our on-the-go Baublerella Bling Brush, you never have to settle for a dull diamond.

    Beyond your at-home cleans, you’ll want to bring your ring to a jeweler once or twice a year for a professional deep cleaning. They’ll clean, buff, polish, and steam your ring until it looks exactly the same as the day you bought it!

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