October 28, 2018

We are so excited to announce or latest project to give back to our wonderful community - classes! Once a month (if all goes well), we will take a week to host classes in our San Francisco Showroom on various topics. Up first by popular demand is Salt & Pepper Diamonds.

What To Expect:

An intimate setting, where you can really sit, learn and ask questions.

This is all about learning and we are very thankful to Dream Diam our class sponsor who is providing diamonds for each and every attendee to use doing the class.

This is a rare opportunity no other jewelry store will give you to sit with these diamonds, and really study them in a way we feel people can actually learn (yes, you do have to give the diamond back at the end). 

What Do I Need To Prepare?

Nothing! We will have all the tools for each person in the class and a diamond for you! That said, you might want to think about any specific questions you may have so we can address them.

How Much Does It Cost?

NADA! Classes are free!

When and Where?

Our showroom space is small so RSVP is required. You can sign up for our first class on Salt & Pepper Diamonds on our appointments tab on the website. Space is limited so if you are interested, we recommend signing up quickly.