July 06, 2018

Here at Gem Breakfast, we want to make sure we pause for special pieces and bring you on the journey of their creation to give respect to the amazing creators we get to work with. 

This week's behind the ring is with the design duo ATTIC who made the stunning Ring Unicorn Dreams. This a great chance to learn more about how rings get made and what the designers actually think of their creations!

Not to toot our own horn, but why is it meaningful for you to work with Gem Breakfast as opposed to other retailers?

Working with someone who is as passionate about fine jewelry as we are is such a bonus. We love how excited Gem Breakfast gets when a new piece comes their way, it really motivates us to create something extra special, exclusively for the shop. When we send one of our one-of-a-kind rings out there, we know it’s in the best hands possible.

Catherine has also created such a unique and supportive collective of designers. She’s handpicked some exceptional people to work with, who have a broad range of creative talent. It’s a community that lifts up and supports each other, and we love being part of it.  

First words when you saw this diamond?

We were blown away when we first saw this diamond. I think “are you kidding me?” were likely our first words that came....

But seriously, this diamond has a presence like we’ve not seen before that stops you in your tracks.

In your own words describe the diamond?

This fancy white diamond has an opalescence quality that is absolutely stunning. It glows in a way that is similar to moonstone while displaying a beautiful translucent milky appearance and flashes of color.There is an unearthly quality to this diamond that is truly one of a kind.

Where did your design inspiration come from?

In the spirit of what we do at ATTIC, a simple solitaire setting felt like the best direction for this diamond. The band comes to a soft knife edge at the top of the setting, mirroring the side claw detail. We created an open scalloped basket to show off the diamond from every angle. The goal was to pare down as many design elements as possible to create an elegant nuanced ring that would showcase this unique diamond.

How long did it take you to make the ring?

The setting style has been a work in progress for many months, with small changes made to each iteration. Ultimately it was on finding the gemstone that this final design was formed.

Unicorn Dreams is available to purchase here.