June 28, 2018

The jewelers we work with at Gem Breakfast put so much love and passion into their rings, we are introducing a new feature to help showcase that called: Behind The Ring.  

Our first feature is a shop new arrival Siren Song. Entirely handmade by Yuliya Chorna. We are delighted to have this ring in the shop and showcase more of the process Yuliya went through to make this beautiful creation.

What was it like working on this project with Gem Breakfast?

Working on this with Gem Breakfast was a total pleasure! The initial collaborative nature of shooting ideas back and forth was really fun. Even though I had a very strong sense of what I wanted to do, Gem Breakfast helped me with a few vital decisions. There is always a strong sense of support within the jewelry community that Gem Breakfast has built. Getting to create for their online shop is just a beautiful opportunity to spread the love and appreciation for handmade one of a kind jewelry while making it accessible to the public.

Why do you love diamond you chose?

I absolutely adore icy rose cut diamonds! Their luster is so unique and all the natural inclusions make them so interesting to look at. Each stone is different and makes for a one of a kind experience. This particular stone drew my attention with its Canadian origin, being a Canadian designer myself. And I thought it was a great size for the design in mind. I wanted a really lustrous icy diamond that would capture everyone with its magical allure.

Where did your design inspiration come from?

The design was inspired by summer and a series of claw set rings I’ve made in the past. I thought of a summer scene - jumping into an outdoor pool, surrounded by wild rose bushes. Serene natural beauty with the simple pleasures of warm weather.

How hard was it to make those prongs?

The prongs took a while, that's for sure. Each of my one of a kind rings, and are hand carved in wax and then cast in solid gold. This was done in the same way. So it was important to get each detail just right. With no computer-aided programs, you rely on your hand coordination and an eye for intricacies. It is never perfect but that handmade quality makes it so unique. A lot of refining happens in the gold version as well. It's a labor of love. But I love the process!

Why Is Siren Song special to you?

I love the ring because it has a sense of femininity and strength. It has a soft look to it but at the same time, it's vibrant and full of life. It captures the natural beauty of the diamonds and rose gold gives it a nice contrast. The low profile makes it very comfortable. It has substantial finger coverage and will still have room for a sister band, either for every day stacking or your wedding band. It's practical, modern and full of romance.

You can buy this one of a kind ring Siren Song here.