August 29, 2018

We are proud to announce new to Gem Breakfast jeweler Jilian Maddin hailing from Canada, this veteran jeweler has a distinctive look and feel to her jewels and an eye for seeking out the best stones if we do say so ourselves...

Her ring Sea Shadow is a such a spectacular piece of workmanship, we had to go behind the scenes with her to learn about how she made this stunner. 

What does it mean to have a ring with Gem Breakfast?

I am super honored and thrilled to be welcomed into the Gem Breakfast family with such open (and sparkling;) arms! I pinch myself every time I think about how fortunate I am to work amongst such an incredible community of self-employed artists who live to create and it’s so great to have a platform like GB to be able to share all the magic.

That SAPPHIRE!! Tell us more about it!

I went to Tucson (a big gem show) in February with a mission: FIND THE MOST AMAZING COLOURED SAPPHIRES! I came across this insanely gorgeous oval from Madagascar within minutes of arriving in Tucson and pounced on it knowing it had to be mine. It’s just over a carat in gem weight, which is a great size for every day, however, it was clearly the color-play that drew me in… there is so much happening inside this stone…  The greens! The yellows! …and, in the right light, some really beautiful teals!! It’s just too good.

What’s your inspiration and process behind creating?

My design aesthetic is often described as ‘modern vintage’ with consistent use of milgrain, textures and patterns. For me, it always starts with the stones… The rose cut diamond trilliants on the shoulders of this ring were also a juicy Tucson find… and whispered to me sweetly one day and demanded to be paired with the oval sapphire, I swear! Starting with the gems, I set myself up with an audiobook and draw things out in my sketchbook – often scrawling out several versions before I land on the final design.

Three words to describe the ring:




Sea Shadow is available for purchase here