July 11, 2018

On this week's behind the ring, we bring you new to Gem Breakfast but veteran indie jeweler Porter Gulch. Designer Brooke is a delight with a whimsical sense of jewelry style, that create sweet and feminine pieces. We are excited to have our first ring with her, Celeste Rose Cut Dreams and get to know the why behind her design in this quick interview!

How excited are you to have your first piece with Gem Breakfast!

Super excited! I've followed Gem Hunt for years and when Gem Breakfast launched last year I knew I wanted to be involved. I am always interested in collaborating with other female business owners and it made it even sweeter that Gem Breakfast is located in San Francisco, too.

I like what GemBreakfast stands for unique styles, non-traditional stones, and the idea that an engagement ring or right-hand ring can be whatever feels like home. I'm thrilled to have Porter Gulch involved with such a vibrant and positive brand.

Tell us about your design inspiration?

I knew that I wanted this ring to have a vintage element to it, but with an unexpected twist. I found the rose cut marquise first and I think I actually gasped when I saw it. It's so beautiful and different. From there I went on a rose cut bender because sometimes more is more! I found four round rose cuts of varying sizes and created a grouping around the marquise that's not symmetric, but also somehow feels balanced and purposeful.

I decided to make the ring in palladium white gold, which is basically a premium alloy of white gold that does not yellow or require plating. The knife edge bands brings a bit of modernity to the design while staying neutral, so the diamonds are the main focus. 

Why are you drawn to rose cuts?

Rose cuts have that special way of sparkling that's more subtle than a brilliant cut. To me, they feel so romantic and feminine and true. A rose cut diamond has nowhere to hide.

Why did you choose to work with palladium white gold?

Most of my recent work is made of yellow gold, but for this ring, I decided on 18 karat palladium white gold. I think it lends more of an antique look to the design and compliments the rose cut diamonds.

Three words to describe your ring

Romantic, playful, elegant.

Celeste Rose Cut Delight is available for purchase here